O Christmas Tree: Through The Years

Confession: This is what my Christmas tree has looked like for the past two days --

Wah wah.

I am fresh out of inspiration so I thought that looking back at all of our Christmas trees over the past 13 years might help stir the creative juices. Let's take a jaunt down memory lane ...


Our first Christmas together -- with the $50 tree that I bought for my apartment in college.


The next year we were newlyweds and decided that we needed our own tree for our new home. That is when the Monster Tree arrived. Word of caution: Trees look a lot smaller in Lowes than they do in your dining room. And never ever buy a tree that you have to assemble every branch one by one. #learnedthehardway


Several years go by without a designated tree photo -- which is rather strange for me. I think that it was no coincidence that those years coincided with a tiny human arriving.

After five years of assembling the Monster Tree, I could not take it anymore. I talked The Engineer into a skinny seven footer and I have never regretted that decision.



Our first Christmas in Huntsville --


Yikes, 2009 and 2010 are terribly blurry.





Thank goodness that my photography has improved over the years.

So I am not any closer to deciding on a style for this year but I am thinking that I am ready to add some color again. And don't clutch your pearls about the lack of homemade ornaments -- I do have them and they have their own special place on a tree upstairs.

What about you -- what is your Tree Style? One? Twelve? Monochromatic or bright and bold? And the big question:

Colored lights or White?

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  1. White lights!

    My tree looks exactly the same every year. It's a problem. White lights, all silver ornaments. I'm thinking I need to change it up next year.


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