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We have been trimming the tree and more for the last week and are not quite done yet. but wanted to join up with the Christmas decor link ups popping up throughout blogland. I will probably tweak it throughout the holiday season and add some real greenery that I most certainly did not clip under the cover of darkness from the trees lining the neighborhood pool.

This year we went with a real Douglas Fir for our main tree and I don't know if we will ever go back to a fake tree. I love this tree -- it fits the space better than our previous skinny tree and smells heavenly. I can see why people do the fake tree though, the needles are out of control. I just found one in my bed. But that's okay, now instead of dog hair tumbleweed, we have festive dog hair&needle tumbleweed rolling through the house.

As always, I am not the best tree photographer. I even consulted our photographer at the newspaper and Ellen said that you need a super fast something-that-is-abbreviated. I should have just bribed her to come over and take these photos because the lights on the tree in real life look much less yellow. It is color-coordinated, I admit, but it does have many fun ornaments from our travels and such.

The mantle is decidedly non-traditional this year. I like to mix it up. I rarely buy pre-made decorations because I change up my Christmas decor colors and what not from year to year. 

This year, I have a new bookcase that I bought from a neighbor who was moving (thank you, Jenni!). She gave me an amazing deal on this Ballard Design piece that I have coveted for YEARS. And it is the perfect spot for my Christmas Snow Village that our dear friends Pat and Rich entrusted in our care.

Excuse the grainy photography, the lighting was not the best that day. A lot of my decorations are sentimental and harken back to my youth. That is probably true for most people. My grandmother loved Grandma Moses so every year I pull out my Grandma Moses winter print that is on the bottom shelf. I also use the larger, old-fashioned bulbs on my trees because those are what she and my granddaddy used.

If you look closely, you will see that Barbie has a winter home in the Snow Village. I have been on a hunt to find more Snow Village pieces on sale this holiday season. My friend Alice just sent me a link to a gold mine at a local vintage store. I am still working out the lighting logistics which is why only the bottom shelf is lit. I might be going cordless.

The Disney tree migrated into the living room this year. I taped it down with washi tape but have yet to find its tree skirt. Just keeping it real. I have collected Disney ornaments since 1996 when I put up my first tree in my first apartment in college so I have gathered a pretty decent collection. The wire tree is notoriously hard to photograph.

This year's additions are two Frozen ornaments (natch) that I picked up on our Disney Cruise this summer.

Big Horn is ready for the holidays!

A nutcracker garland and some lights and greenery in my office will help get me through the next two crazy weeks until the paper shuts down for the holidays. Little Kid loves The Nutcracker and I am excited to take her to the ballet for the first time this year. My grandmother was a huge fan so it always reminds me of her. The all-time best book version of the Nutcracker in my opinion is Mary Engelbreit. Her illustrations are just gorgeous.

The Nutcracker is standing guard!

If you want to see some nutcrackers -- my dad and stepmom have a huge nutcracker collection and I enjoy adding to it every year. I will try to get you a pic.

Onto the kids trees! 

Little Kid's tree fuzzed out this year so she got to pick out a new one (within reason). This was all her -- I tried to talk her into white lights and a white tree but she was not having it. I need to listen to her more often because it actually turned out pretty fabulous.

This was also the girl's idea -- she is a natural decorator. Her Rockette snow globe is from the Rockette Christmas Spectacular in Nashville. We like to go every other year for a girl's day out.

Christmas trees at night is one of my most favorite things.

The skinny, fun tree landed in Big Kid's room. It holds all of the quirky and handmade ornaments. It will probably receive a little more tweaking before Christmas arrives. I love looking down the hallway and seeing the lights.

The kids are old enough to assist with decorating their own trees now which is super nice.

10-year-old boy decor.

We are big Charlie Brown people around here. The Bestie is a Super Fan. Don't forget, "A Charlie Brown Christmas" comes on tonight!

This advent calendar hangs in the playroom and has been in our family since our first married Christmas twelve years ago.

Oh ... hey there, Rupert. What's happening?

We also have a few handmade holiday plates that the kids made also in our playroom that do not have easels yet. I really need to get on that.

Onto the kitchen!

Yankee candle greenery candle is a tradition in the Skelley house during the holidays. Whispers: They are much cheaper at TJ Maxx/HomeGoods.

The Engineer won this banner at our annual family Dirty Santa -- I think my sister found it at a vintage store. I was much more excited than him (he had his eye on a mag light). I do think that I might have an addiction to Christmas banners.

These were gifts from my Aunt Katie (my namesake).

This was my grandmother's tray and a cherished part of my decor.

Our table centerpieces stay pretty simple until Christmas Eve when I add the greenery and leaves from my magnolia.

Back to the foyer where our main tree stands -- I love to drive through neighborhoods and see houses' Christmas trees through their windows. Our foyer opens to the den so we can enjoy the tree every evening.

Read all about our Christmas Calamity (spoiler: this tree is no longer in our home) in Christmas Home Tour 2014 Part Two. 

Thank you for dropping in! What is your favorite Christmas decoration? I would love to read about it in the comment section below.

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  1. Love all your decorations! I so want an ornament tree! It's a great way to highlight the special ones. Stopping by from Andrea's link-up. www.cheathamblog.blogspot.com

  2. Fun Christmas tour! I especially love your mantel with the unusual stockings!

    1. Thank you! I bought those many years ago after Christmas from Ballard Design for dirt cheap. My husband loathes them so it has become a running joke! :D

  3. Love all of your Christmas decor, very nice.

  4. Love it!! Love your Snow Village, my mom has quite the collection as well.

  5. Lovely decor! Where did you get the decorated ivy vine hanging on your stair banister? I could use two of those to put on the banisters - great idea! "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" (clearly, I've been listening to too much 96.9 FM, but Christmas music is one of my favorite things)!

  6. Very pretty! Stopping over from Kelly's Korner. If you get a moment, stop by #36. Happy Holidays!


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