Christmas Home Tour Part Deux -- A Christmas Calamity!

For the Christmas Home Tour, Part One, Go Here.

We have had major tree drama. Saturday I rounded the corner to find that our Christmas tree was completely dark. So I tested all of the lights and while I was digging in the tree, I noticed that it looked sorta brown. And after replacing the strand that was out, the floor was a green carpet. That is not good for a ten-day-old Christmas tree. The Engineer and I did a lot of Christmas tree research that night and we think that it was a combo of too hot lights (although the box said that they can be used on trees) and a tree that was not drinking water, even though we did have a fresh cut when we bought it. It was so dry that you could not touch it without a shower of needles falling off, which was a mondo fire hazard. So we made the decision to remove it.

Goodbye Douglas Fir. You were beautiful for about a week.

I just could not go without a main Christmas tree - especially with three weeks left in the season. Little Kid is six and so into Christmas, although we have several small trees scattered around the house, I really wanted us to have a live tree downstairs -- especially since we have family come for Christmas every year. So after we lugged the old one to the road, I spent yesterday finding a new tree, sawing off a fresh cut with a hand saw (fun), buying a whole bunch of Martha Stewart cool touch lights and setting it back up. I give you:

Christmas 2014 Tree Number Two!

It's a little wonky and my star is crooked but it has barely shed any needles and is currently marinating in a bath of Sprite and aspirin, per several suggestions on Facebook. And my choir director gave me some good pointers on how to fix that tricky star.

In the interest of not going too far over the line (You: Katie, you left the line so far behind you, it is a dot in the horizon), Part Two has many more collage photos, rather than a billion pictures of holiday knick knacks. 

Front Door

I know that black, red and orange are not exactly Christmas colors, but they were inspired by our Mary Engelbreit Christmas flag  -- and by what ribbon I had on hand because I was absolutely not going to the store in the rain and buying any more.
That pot by the reindeer now has plenty of greenery thanks to some overzealous trimming of our new tree.

I am excited to finally get The Engineer's UT tree finished, it looked sad and punky last year but less than $5 worth of ribbon transformed it into a celebration of all things Vols.

I completely forgot the powder bath on our first tour.

The Santa pic was my Aunt Imy's, who passed away a few years ago. I received several of her Christmas decorations and treasure them. This is the kids' first Santa pic together -- I love Little Kid's "What is this nonsense?" look.

One guess where the matching "Naughty" towel hangs (that would be the 10-year-old boy's bath):

Big Kid's tree received a dose of orange netting to tie in the Vols hat.

Crooked tree toppers are a hallmark of Skelley trees.

Assorted doo dads -- including my favorite Christmas mug and Little Kid's Christmas advent art project -- I did one just like it when I was a kid. I tried to tell her that you added one cotton ball per day but she vehemently disagreed (I don't know where she gets her lack of patience from).

I had a few minutes between assignments Wednesday and checked out a vintage store recommended by a friend. They had a huge selection of Snow Village houses for bargain prices. I picked out a toy store that I thought that the kids would like and Ebenezer Scrooge's house, both for $15. When they pulled out Scrooge's box, the price tag said $160! SCORE.

Finally, those too-hot Christmas lights did come in handy outside for our first-ever landscaping Christmas lights. We have never done light strands because our house is so tall -- that is just a recipe for disaster. But Target sells these simple light stakes - 25 for $3. This whole light project cost ten bucks.

per teamskelley on Instagram

Merry Christmas to all ... and to all a good night!


  1. OMG ... you decorated TWO trees? Sounds like it was the right call but the fact that I haven't even bought a tree yet definitely makes me a big ol' loser compared to you. It's all beautiful. Love the front door.

  2. Your front door is my favorite!!!!!!

    Ok, I think our Christmas tree isn't drinking water either, now that I think of it. It rarely needs refilling and it's starting to droop a bit :(

  3. We had 2 years of real tree mishaps, so this year we went with a faux one. I miss the smell, and the journey of going out and picking it out, but am thankful for B&BW's fresh balsam candle to provide a little bit of holiday ambiance. Love your front door and how you used the word Joy with the wreath in the middle.


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