Christmasing All Over The Place

We are back! We arrived home this afternoon after a week of Christmas festivities and I have to say -- I am whipped. But it was a great Christmas full of family, friends, movies, presents, a beautiful Christmas Eve service and food. Lots and lots of food. An insane amount of food. 

On Christmas Eve Eve, we made our first gingerbread house! We did have to call in the Engineer for structural design.

We hosted my mother and stepfather on Christmas Eve night for a steak dinner and our annual Christmas Eve candlelight service at church, which is one of my favorite holiday traditions. The choir always sings and it is just a special time. 

Santa enjoyed some Holiday Ritzies this year, courtesy of my girl Mel @ The Larson Lingo

Apparently he liked them a lot because he left the kids some goodies! 

Fletcher's first Christmas! He got a bone. Which he promptly buried in the yard.

We opened presents and lounged around the house before heading to my sister's for Christmas dinner and more present opening with her family and my dad and stepmom. I received an Erin Condren 2015 planner. The Engineer got a set of LED lightbulbs that he can control from his iPad. We were both thrilled. #itswhatweaskedfor

My nephew, RHR:

My sister loves everything vintage and decorates her tree with vintage ornaments. It is really quite lovely.

After one day to rest (and in my case, go see Into The Woods, which was a little Meh) we headed to West Tennessee for Christmas with the Skelleys. While we were there, The Engineer got to spend some time with his best bud, we hit up the local antique store, and Nana, Aunt Deb, Little Kid and I saw Annie. Going to the movies is another Christmas tradition and it was a surprisingly cute movie. Although I am apparently an Annie purist and *SPOILERS* I thought that messed with the story too much and I was not impressed by the new songs. And -- where were the Bernadette Peters and Tim Curry characters?!

Aunt D:

So we headed back home today and to cap off the holidays, had a fender bender at a rest stop. No one was hurt and there was no damage but let's just say the driver's girlfriend was incensed that we accidentally tapped their car. Not happy at all. It is actually a pretty funny story that I will share on the blog in the next few days. 

The hound dog went to puppy hotel for the first time and did well, although I do think there was some howling. He was really happy to see us this afternoon and has stuck close to our sides since we got home.

I hope that you had a fabulous holidays and it is not over yet! Who has New Years Eve plans? I do, if lying around in jammies with a glass of wine in one hand a fist of Hershey kisses in the other constitutes "plans".

Happy Tuesday! If you follow Team Skelley on Instagram, these photos are probably familiar. We did take camera shots but I am having issues with iPhoto, which I am sure is user error, but I have not worked out yet -- so these are reposts from my phone.

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