Happy Christmas Eve -- Scenes From our Christmas Trees

Here is a Christmas confession: If I could, I would have a Christmas tree in every room of my house. If that makes me bonkers, so be it. Walking into a room and seeing a Christmas tree automatically makes me a little happier. I am not picky -- real tree, fake tree, tall tree, skinny tree, they are all welcome. Which is probably why we have five trees this year. Six trees if you count the Christmas Tree That Was Not. 

Today, before the hustle and bustle begins, I am sharing some of my favorite ornaments. I think you can tell a lot about someone from their Christmas tree. Most people have ornament philosophies -- some like only handmade ornaments with special meaning. Some color coordinate. Some have themes. I am an All Of The Above type of gal. 

Gramma has always wanted a flocked tree and this year she got her wish.

Isn't it stunning? 

Now a few of my faves:

Frozen ornaments from our Disney Cruise.

The matching Anna did not turn out -- lighting fail.

Fletcher's first ornament!

The Bestie and I picked these up at Ikea last week on our trip to Atlanta. The nutcracker is actually hers but she left it in my car. Score. 

Little Kid receives a Barbie ornament every year -- I think she is up to eight!

Her buddy next door gave her Elsa.

And some Ornament Hall of Famers...

The Swan is from our trip to the Cincinnati Zoo.

The Rockettes from Little and my semi-annual trip to see the Christmas Spectacular at Opryland in Nashville.

This one is for the Bestie -- Snoopy's head fell off this year but I repaired him.

My very first Disney ornament.

And the ornament that traveled the farthest. My friend Ann picked this up for me in Paris -- and for once, I am not referring to Paris, TN.

And my all-time favorite from our first trip to NYC when I was pregnant with Big Kid. It has lost most of its glitter and chipped this year after taking a tumble from the tree, but it is still my favorite ornament to hang each year. We spent New Year's Eve in New York and it was amazing -- probably my favorite trip of all time. 

I had a beautiful hand painted white and black ornament from Savannah ... can't find it anywhere. I am hoping that we did not accidentally throw it out with the dead tree! And the Bumble that my kids gave me is also MIA. That worries me, I love that Bumble.

Only three gifts left to wrap!

The older the kids get and the busier we become, the later I get gifts wrapped. I used to have gifts bought and wrapped by Dec. 1. Ha! This year I found myself wrapping them the night before (and sometimes the day of) we were to give them. But I only have three left to go!

Last night I stayed up way too late and sat by the light of the tree ...

 ... and read a really smutty book. I did not know it was smutty when I bought it but the storyline was so angsty and good, I soldiered through. I am no delicate flower but sometimes it is like whoa, too much too much! I need to be able to read my Kindle app while working out at the YMCA without having to hide it from the dude beside me on the elliptical. 

I better be off -- I am going to brave Target for some last minute goodies. I am not usually one to procrastinate but three gifts that I ordered for the kids from Toys R Us EIGHT days ago never arrived. Sigh. Tonight we will host my mother and stepfather for Christmas Eve dinner before heading out to our church's annual Christmas Eve service -- one of my favorite parts of Christmas. What are your Christmas Eve traditions?

I hope that you have been good this year, NORAD says that Santa is in Kolkata!

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