Man Down

Happy Cyber Monday! 

I did not think I would have time to participate this year but I have fought a wicked sore throat for nine days that has finally gotten the best of me. It went away for a couple of days last week and then returned with a vengeance this weekend. It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out that nothing tasted right because my taste buds are completely out of whack: "M, I think the blueberries have gone bad." (They had not) And I sound like Harvey Fierstein.

So I am in the bed today, popping cough drops like M&Ms and hoping that if I can't work, I can at least be productive in some way by knocking out some Christmas shopping. I am what you call a bad patient. I do not like to be still. But I have a crazy busy week ahead of me at the newspaper and I need to be well to tackle it.

I won't overload you with a billion Thanksgiving photos - but I do want to commemorate the week with a few, new non-Instagram photos, as it was a very good one:

First: Little Kid's Thanksgiving play -- she was a featured reader, which is important as she can now READ.

She claims that she has not cut her bangs with scissors but it looks mighty suspicious.

Thanksgiving day at the Davis homestead in my hometown in Tennessee. The Davis family has owned this house for 55 years. 

It was my nephew RHR's first Thanksgiving!

Friday night, we partook in our annual Thanksgiving weekend tradition -- a trip to the movies. This year it was Horrible Bosses 2. We are quite the cinephiles. 

Saturday it was back to Tennessee for Thanksmas! With family scattered across three states and my cousin's third baby scheduled to arrive on Dec. 26, we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas together on my mother's side. Which means Dirty Santa came early this year. Everyone started out being nice
-- too nice -- but  by the end, it was ruthless.

Isn't my aunt's house gorgeous? I come from a long line of interior decorators.

This is me after I swiped a gift card. SCORE.

Everyone was in good spirits and it really was a wonderful weekend.

So are you shopping the Cyber Monday sales today?

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  1. Well I hope you got some rest today. I thought I would hit it up tonight but still can't really decide on what to get everyone.


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