T4T for the Holidays: Bieber vs. Sarah

I am back today with a new holiday Love It/Loathe It. Confession: I decided that I would start listening to Christmas music this year on Nov. 14. When I turned on the holiday music station, the first song I heard was this:

It was horrifying. 

Somehow I resisted the urge to cancel Christmas and swear off music forever after being subjected to such nonsense, but I was in dire need of some musical TLC from the enchantress herself, Sarah MacLachlan, and her superior holiday album, "Wintersong." I listen to it every year and am pretty sure that I have featured it on a previous holiday T4T but a search turned up zero, so I will again recommend the album and one of my favorite tracks:


Although all of the songs are fantastic. If you are looking for a holiday album that is a little off the beaten path, definitely check this out.

Happy Thursday ... err, Friday! (Time got away from me yesterday.)

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