T4T: Love It/Loathe It -- Holiday Edition

I have been doing the holiday Tune for Tuesday/Thursday since starting the blog more than five years ago, so in the interest of mixing things up this year -- I am going to include one Christmas song that I love ... and one that I loathe. 

First off, a favorite:

This always puts me in the holiday spirit.

And not so much:

I don't think it is all that bad, but the Engineer could not turn the station fast enough when it came on the radio last week. Then yesterday, it came on the radio again and Little Kid exclaimed, "Who sings this song because he is TERRIBLE." I did not realize that she had such discerning tastes. 

Do you have a Christmas song that drives you up the wall?

Happy Weekend! 


  1. The Ji Ji Jingle Bells song by Barbara Streisand drives me crazy. It is too fast and makes me feel stressed.

    1. I have not heard that one! I will have to YouTube it! :D


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