The Year in Review 2014

It is time for the annual look back over the previous twelve months. Last year I did a photo flip book instead, but for 2014, we are taking it back old school to the monthly recap.


We start out the new year with a trip to the mountains.

Little Kid turns six with a Frozen-themed birthday party!


Snow in the Rocket City! Don't judge our Snowba the Hut too much, we are from Tennessee.


March is a busy month as the basketball and baseball seasons overlap for a couple of weeks (that is fun). Team Skelley hibernates for most of the month, but still manage to do a little spring cleaning for Home Tour 2014.

Kid pitch is no joke.


The Engineer and I celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary and my sister and brother-in-law's marriage!

Photography by Linda Curty 

It is a late Easter this year, so the weather is beautiful.


Big Kid turns double digits and we celebrate at the local animal reserve and then after baseball season, a laser tag party.


Off to the Disney Cruise, which once again is a blast!

We come home and say goodbye to a beloved member of our family for nine years, Baxter Clyde.

Photography by Life Simply Photographed in 2011

Another trip to Space Camp! #therocketcity


They actually let The Engineer and I be leaders at our church's VBS (they must be in dire straits).

We head to West Tennessee for M's high school reunion! #25 #iwasachildbride

We did not expect to have another hound dog so soon, but when our good friend Mary sends us a picture of Fletcher Curtis from the Basset Hound Rescue of Alabama, I know it is meant to be. He barrels into our lives on July 24 and help to mend our broken hearts. Fletch (named after one of my favorite movies) hails from Lookout Mountain and is a Tennessean just like us.


It's back to school for the kids. Suddenly I have a first grader and a fifth grader.

 This is a big month for The Engineer with a trip to Turkey for work.

Big enjoys a weekend on the lake back in my hometown with all of his buds. This might be my favorite picture of the year.

Photography by Danny Windham

Second season of soccer and we have some great games with a terrific coach.


In September, I turn 37, and on that very same day, my nephew turns 0. Birthday buds!

Big Kid and I do our first 5K -- the Color Run -- in Huntsville with my work boo, ATol and her pal.


The Engineer and I travel to Savannah for a grownups only vaca and have a fabulous time.

It is a very cold and rainy Halloween!


Veterans Week comes and goes and we survive!

My dad's image is one of almost 1300 veterans which make up this patriotic mosaic that is unveiled in downtown Huntsville on Veterans Day. We gave him a poster of the mosaic for Christmas.

And basketball season starts for the boy.


My favorite time of the year! The Bestie and I spend a couple of days in Atlanta and see Fleetwood Mac with our friend, Al. #epic

I narrate the music department's Christmas concert and only missed one word! That is quite an achievement, believe me. I am a much better writer than speaker.

Photography by Carolyn Edwards

It has been a Babypalooza in the family this year with the addition of RHR in September, my cousin's first baby Lil M in October, Marc's cousin's first baby Lil I in December and my other cousin's third baby, H&H's little sister, who arrived the day after Christmas and was named after my grandmother's maiden name. H&H have appeared on the blog several times -- although their mom and I are cousins, they are more like first cousins to Big and Little. All four were healthy and adorable and I can honestly say that God has been very good to our family this year. And it is not over! A good friend will be welcoming her own mini me this summer. I might have gone a little bananas on baby clothes and Pottery Barn Kid's website this year.

I am sure that I am forgetting something, each year I wear out the edit button for the review post. As for what's next, we will be kicking off 2015 right with our trip to the House of Mouse for Little Kid's seventh birthday. But honestly, I don't have many requests or wishes for 2015 other than the continued health and happiness of my loved ones. Everything else is icing on the cake.

If you venture out tonight, be safe! And thank you for dropping by here this year and reading the random ramblings of a silly girl. I do appreciate you tremendously.

Happy New Year, Friends!

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