Well we had a good run, Santa

We were at the local outdoor mall a couple of weeks ago after Little Kid and I saw The Nutcracker (of which I have zero photos, Holiday Memories Fail) and we ran into Santa Claus! Literally, we almost plowed into him in front of the candy store. I asked Little if she wanted to have her photo made with him. Her response: Nope. I knew that last year was probably her brother's last Santa shot, but her too? She is only six!

So I thought that this was a chapter that we were closing in our family. We had a good run -- we did have ten years of Santa photos. We saw Santa at the mall, at the movies, at dinner, at the DoD installation ... but in those ten years, I don't know if we ever managed to top our very first experience with the Man in Red.

Please permit me to indulge in my Picmonkey addiction for a moment.


So a little backstory to this photo before the memory gets pushed out of my brain to make room for grocery lists and science projects and the other twelve things that I have to remember to do today -- Big Kid was six months old when I took this. It was November, and I did not plan to take him to the mall 45 minutes away that day, but I think that I had such a extreme case of cabin fever that we decided to go visit Santa for the first time while The Engineer was at work. Gramma bought him the elf outfit and I had no idea how the day would go. I was prepared for a major Santa meltdown but he loved him! It was a Christmas miracle. I could not stop looking at the photo as we walked around and shopped because Big was in a great mood (and the other shoppers kept fawning over him in his elf outfit). Big and I needed that. We had a tough few months -- his reflux made him a very unhappy baby at times. And I had no idea that we were about to encounter a minefield of kidney stone surgery (me) and ear tubes (him), but that day was perfect. 

So fast forward ten years and I thought that I made my peace with Santa photos being in our past. Then this arrived:

My nephew RHR and old St. Nick himself (I bought him the Christmas romper). RHR did great! He is a pretty chill baby. And so a new tradition begins.

Have a merry Monday!


  1. Cute photos! They are both handsome little babies! I know your sister will enjoy her son's first Christmas!

    1. I just received the notification for this comment! Thanks, Blogger -- only six weeks late. Thank you friend for your kind comment, I think they are handsome little dudes too. :D


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