Dressing for Disney in the Winter

Recommendations abound on Pinterest for what to wear to Disney World ... in the summer. Not so much advice for what to do in cooler temps, so I admit when we were there earlier this month, I struggled with what to pack. I always try to pack as light as possible when traveling, so I was not down with bringing a bunch of clothes that would not be worn. These days with the airlines' extra luggage charge, that can be pricey. This is what I came up with:

That's a lot of forehead and I am not talking about Ferb.

I was no fashion maven on this trip but I am going to talk about what worked for me, share some ideas and how/what I packed the kids for our January Trip to Disney World --

Our trip to Disney World 2015

Katie's Must Packs:

Tunic tops
Cute Baseball Hat
Disney-Themed Top
Boyfriend Jeans
Cheap Sunglasses

I wore Toms (I packed two pair to have a backup because wearing wet shoes, DNW) to the parks every day -- they are my goto vacation shoe. If you need more support, they might not work for you. I was hesitant to wear my Uggs because I did not want to ruin them in a freak rainstorm, so I saved them for cooler evenings and cold airports.
The weather varied quite a bit from day to night. Daytime we were comfortable in tanks and shorts but at night, we needed light jackets. My aqua boyfriend cardigan from Target was a godsend and so was my JCrew leopard baseball hat when my hair was beyond help.

Some people wear Disney-themed clothing every day. I think that is fun, I like looking at their pictures, but I am too cheap to shell out for that on top of the other significant costs of a Disney vacation. I do firmly believe that you should have at least one themed shirt. I admit I did feel special in my Mickey sweater from Target (that I promptly shrunk when washing all of our clothes from our trip, sigh). 

Now onto the items that you can Leave in your closet:

Chunky Jewelry
Heels -- that means wedges too!
Skinny Jeans

Twelve hours in an amusement park in skinny jeans: misery. I would not even bother with anything fussy, it will just be one more thing to worry with when you already have to make sure that you have bandaids, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc. Streamline is the key here. You also don't want to take anything that you would be devastated to lose -- no family heirlooms, no expensive jewelry, no designer shoes that might not survive a rainy day at the park. I considered bringing my Hunter boots, but thought they were too heavy and after awhile would be painful on my ankles.

Or you can just chuck this whole list and wear workout clothes, which I think is perfectly fine too.
The key: Comfort. Disney World is not your typical vacation. In fact, I don't think I would call it a vacation because you don't stop and you really rarely relax. There is no time for full makeup or elaborate fixing of the hair  -- this is where the cute baseball hat comes in handy. Not when you have a 10-year-old who is chomping at the bit to get to the park so he can ride Space Mountain. Even if you do have time in your room, you are usually so exhausted from your day that you just fall into bed  at night.

So remember you need fast outfits -- clothes that don't require much thought and coordinate with each other so if the weather does turn cool, you can toss on a cardigan or light jacket and hit the nighttime light show. And Dry Shampoo. Lots and lots of dry shampoo. I like Suave -- it is $2 a bottle and just as nice as the salon stuff.

As for kids -- I went with my usual packing strategy that has served me well:

Packing for Kids

Packing each day's clothes individually makes life so much easier for everyone. The kids wore sneakers, Crocs and Uggs and never complained about their feet hurting. Little also went the leggings route while her brother went with his standard uniform: track pants and a Nike tee.

Except for this day when I splurged on these Mickey and Minnie snowmen shirts from Taylee Tot Boutique on Etsy. I figured that this will be the perfect photo to go in the rehearsal dinner slideshow for the boy.

So, what bag did I take into the parks? You can see it peeking out from under the Pluto hat in the photo above -- it is:
The Hipster in Cheery Blossoms by Vera Bradley

And honestly, it was too small. I needed it to carry:

Tylenol -- for grownups and kids
Pepto Bissell
hand sanitizer
Tissue (which really came in handy during Little Kid's nosebleed on the park bus)
lip gloss

It carried almost all of these things but not all. So if you pack lighter than this, the Hipster is the perfect bag for you. If you pack this much or more, you are going to have to go bigger. I do really like carrying Vera when flying because the bags can get dirty when stowed away under the seats and VB easy to clean. Vera Bradley has come out with a Disney line which many people were carrying down there.

So, that is it in a nutshell. If you have any questions or comments or want to share what worked well for you on your Disney destination, I am all (mouse) ears!

Happy Weekend!

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