Easy Christmas Tree Saran Wrap Storage

It is the most wonderful  kind of a lame time of the year: decoration removal time.

Mine came down yesterday and the only thing that kept me sane while the basset hound tried to eat my garland and I packed away a billion little Snow Village pieces (spoiler alert: I gave up on their individual boxes and packed them in ziplock bags cushioned by fake snow) was our upcoming trip to Disney World. I definitely did not want to return to a mountain of decorations to put away so they came off yesterday.

If you have read Team Skelley over the holiday season, you have probably noticed that I have five Christmas trees. I love Christmas trees and would probably have one in every room if I could get away with it. What I do not like is taking them down. My solution:

I am sharing some lessons learned today about saran wrapping your tree for easy storage and decorating.

*Always double wrap, if not triple wrap. 

I only single wrapped Big Kid's tree and the transport to the attic was a little bit of a disaster. About ten ornaments fell off and I think that I will be doing some repair next November when it comes back out. I would recommend on the larger trees to triple wrap to be on the safe side. The smaller trees, you can probably get away with double wrap. 

*For larger trees (6 ft. and up), you will need more than one person for transport.

It took me and three fifth graders to move Big Kid's seven footer. That was a comedy to behold.

*Whether you leave on your ribbon is personal preference . 

I left on the ribbon for all three trees I wrapped . It might need a little fluffing and rearranging next season, but that won't be the end of the world if it has to be replaced due to warping. 

Have you always wanted a theme tree to celebrate your favorite hobby or sports team? This tabletop tree sits on The Engineers desk and took only five minutes to wrap and pack.

Of course it goes without saying that this will not work for real trees but it makes holiday decorating so much easier/less time consuming/stressful. 

Happy weekend!


  1. I saw something about this on Facebook yesterday and I didn't realize it was a real thing. I think it's ingenious. If I didn't have a real tree I'd totally do it.

  2. I so wish I had the space to leave mine up and do that. A goal for the next house.

  3. Great idea -- I may try it. Did you do this last year? Does it work well when you unwrap the tree? What about fragile/glass ornaments? Thanks!

    1. Hey NWV! I've used plastic before and tied it at the bottom. The smaller trees were very easy to wrap and I felt confident that they were secure enough to keep breakable ornaments on it but the bigger tree ... It was more difficult to wrap as tight and transport so I don't know if I would trust fragile ornaments as much. These also have very little glass ornaments since they are kids trees and theme trees. HTH!

    2. We did that for M's first 4 foot little tree in her bbedroom when we took down our trees (uh) yesterday. H was skeptical about it, but he dutifully helped me wrap it and I carried it to the attic without any issues. Worked great! Thanks for the awesome idea!

    3. I am so glad! It seems to work better for the little trees - less bulky and hard to maneuver I suppose.


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