Little Kid is Seven

I just realized that this accidentally went into the draft folder and never published! That's my bad.

Happy Birthday to this girl right here.

Since her birthday gift was the trip to Disney, we had a low-key celebration for Little's big day yesterday. She asked for bowling, pizza, her little gal pal and a rainbow cookie cake. And so that is what we did.

Little at Seven is best described by an email I received from her teacher last week. Please permit me a moment of bragging, I truly do try not to do it often but when the days are long and hard sometimes, it is nice to have these little notes from teachers to reaffirm that we are on the right parenting path.

"A is doing great and progressing. Lately I have had to remind her to stop talking and get back to work. She has the best personality and everyone flocks to her! J She has just needed more reminders about talking when it is time to work or in the halls/restroom. She is such a leader in our class and many strive to be just like her!"

She is quite the chatty cathy, that was not surprising. The leader part I was happy to hear about because she is the little sister to an older brother with a strong personality and her own personality is more of the mellow, even-keeled type, like her dad. I love to watch her with The Engineer. They have a bond where they light up when they see each other. That is so special.

Happy birthday to my little artist, soccer player, interior decorator, baker, skipper, jump roper, basset hound lover, smart, sweet little girl. You are not so little anymore. 


  1. Happy Birthday!! What a sweet compliment from the teacher.

  2. Happy birthday to Little! Sweet picture!

    1. Thank you! I can't believe your Miss M is going to be four! Where does the time go?


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