Skelleys Do Disney 2015: Day One

Last week, Team Skelley packed up and left behind the single digit temps to spend a few days at the House of Mouse! Little Kid turns seven this month and we thought that her first trip to Disney World would be a great way to celebrate. The best part was that it was a surprise -- they did not know until Christmas morning. 

Saturday, we headed to the airport early to catch our flight -- also a first for Little. Sadly, I realized at the airport that although I remembered to pack Ritz cracker snacks, Biore nose strips and about a billion electronic chargers all rolled up in a lovely, tangled cord ball, we forgot our camera. So all photos are from my iPhone, with mixed results.

The kids were excellent fliers and were very curious about the whole process. Of course, our flights were not very long and they are older now. I think they were just happy not to be in a car for ten hours. A TV on a plane? What?

We stayed at the Port Orleans Riverside resort at Disney World. It was gorgeous! I never cease to be amazed at Disney's attention to detail.

Since it was Little's birthday, we surprised her with a Royal Room.
We assured her brother that this was most certainly not a princess room. He was placated by fireworks over the bed.

After checking in, we walked around before heading to the Grand Floridian for dinner. I learned something about my children on this trip. They like to do things and really do not want to watch other people do things. The Engineer and I were happy to walk through the grounds and just soak in the ambiance. The 7-year-old and 10-year-old, not so much. At this point, we had been up for over twelve hours and everyone was getting hungry, tired and punchy. This is what getting up at 5:30 am and traveling through three states with two kids without makeup and a hairbrush looks like (it was all packed in my suitcase which did not arrive until that night):

I was super excited that all of the Christmas decorations were up, including the famous life-sized gingerbread house!

Our dinner with Cinderella came at the perfect time. It was also a surprise to Little and I loved watching her face light up when walked through the doors to the restaurant and she saw the characters. If ever there was a time for an all-you-can-eat buffet, this was it. We had surpassed hungry and were into hangry territory. Happily, the food was delicious. I might have had seconds. Of everything.

We got back on the monorail to head back to the Magic Kingdom to catch our bus back to our hotel. Everyone needed a good night sleep because we were tackling Hollywood Studios the next day! More about that (teaser: super-sized Christmas lights, a favorite ride closure and a massive nosebleed) tomorrow. Day Two


  1. i am glad y'all had a wonderful time. The place looks gorgeous.

  2. Awe! Such a sweet surprise for your children. I hope you guys are having an amazing time. We went for the first time in 2013. I always wished we had taken my kids when they were around your daughter's age. It was early June when we went and the crowds and heat got to them!


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