Skelleys Do Disney 2015: Day Three

So this is the day that I was really looking forward to: the Magic Kingdom. It is hard to put into words how much I love the Magic Kingdom. Even though the last time I was there I was six months pregnant and was pushing a three year old in a stroller in 90 degree heat, I have nothing but rose-tinted, fond memories of that day. The Magic Kingdom has always been my happy place.

Summer before fifth grade (yes, my sister is wearing a Figment hat):

The Magic Kingdom was bustling when we were there on Monday. I scheduled it for that day on purpose thinking that the crowds would be smaller because most people were back at work and school. Au contraire. I later looked it up and the crowd ranking was 6/10 for the day. Considering the Seven Dwarves Mine Ride at one point got up to a two hour and twenty minute wait, I have no idea what a 10/10 would have looked liked! One of Dante's circles of hell, I imagine.

I need a Selfie Stick, apparently:

I found their embroidered shirts on Etsy from Taylee Tot Boutique. My classic Mickey sweater is from Target, score.

We had fast passes for the big rides like Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

 But this is what I was there for --

Hi, my name is Katie and I like all the lame rides.

Exhibit B: My all-time favorite ride at both parks, World and Land:

YES. It's a Small World is my favorite ride and I am not ashamed. Big Kid's thoughts on the experience:

I relived a lot of my favorite childhood Disney experiences on this day, such as the character topiaries.

My main man, Donald.

Genie stopped dancing to pose for my photo. I was a smitten kitten.

The crowds really picked up during the day and by the evening it was pretty packed. I was excited to see the park's new Christmas decorations.

Although the crowds were big and the lines for rides were long, we were still easily able to get a table at Pinnochio's Village Haus overlooking the Small World ride. Little loved waving at the people in the boats.

And then it was time for what I have been looking forward to for months ... The Electrical Parade. I loved the Electrical Parade so much as a child that my parents bought me the record and I listened to it over and over and pretended I was at Disney World.
I still have the photos from my first Electrical Parade. I took almost the exact same picture of Cinderella's carriage as the one I snapped at age 9.

 It had turned cold after the sun went down and the rest of Team Skelley decided to go back early, but I decided to stay for the parade and shop a little. My last view of the park that night:

Happy Day.

Tomorrow: Epcot and dinner with the Mouse himself. Day Four


  1. Your whole trip looks like a lot of fun! How nice to have avoided the frigid temps here and make great memories! M is looking over my shoulder and very excited about the pic of Donald Duck!

    1. I was excited about Donald Duck too, Miss M! He is my favorite. :D


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