Skelleys Do Disney 2015: Day Two

So we were up and out the door for our first day in the parks. It was going to be a hot one with temps in the 80s, which was a treat in itself.

Little Kid was a little overwhelmed by the experience. I wasn't exactly surprised, she is not really one for crowds and walking, especially since she is so much shorter than the rest of us and her legs get tired. But she LOVED the rides.

The crowds were manageable so The Engineer and Big Kid were able to ride some rides multiple times. I think they did Star Tours three times (my husband is a huge Star Wars fan). I still can't believe another trilogy starts this year.

We took a break about midday and Little and I went back to the room to rest for a couple of hours.
While on the bus back, she had a massive nosebleed. She has nosebleeds all of the time, but this one was just gushing -- I seriously started to get worried when it would not stop. Luckily I had a pack of tissues in my crossbody.

Now THAT is face painting. She is all about rainbows right now.

The kids were meh but M. and I loved the Muppets 3D, as always. He is a big fan of Waldorf and Statler.

We had a fast pass to Aerosmith's Rocking Rollercoaster, but on the bus to the park, we befriended a couple from Kentucky and they told us that it had shut down for the day. I checked throughout the day on my Disney app, but it never opened back up. I was bummed for The Engineer since that is his absolute favorite ride. We later found out that it opened back up right before the park closed. Sigh.

Ride of the day: Toy Story Midway Mania!

It had the longest wait in the park and rightfully so -- it was so much fun. I wish I could have gotten The Engineer and Big Kid fast passes but I had scheduled them for the Tower of Terror. I rode the ToT in 2001 and once was enough. Toy Story was new to both Little and I and it is a MUST if you are at Hollywood Studios.

Santa Goofy!

We met back up with the boys to see the Osborne Family Christmas Lights and it. was. awesome. It was like Christmas lights on steroids.

My mom had given the Engineer a book about Disney (Ears of Steel), and it recommended a steakhouse that the author claimed to be the second best steakhouse at Disney World. Since it was at our resort, we tried it out that night. What I loved about Boatwright's is that M. and I were able to enjoy a nice meal, but they also had a full kids' menu for the Big and Little too. Everyone was happy, which sometimes is a challenge when you have four family members who are all very different with different likes and dislikes.

The gal who seated us at Boatwright's actually grew up in the neighborhood across the street from ours and went to the kids' school! It truly is a small world -- we will get to that ride tomorrow.

After dinner, we hit the pool by our room. The main pool was closed for the evening but the kids had fun swimming past their regular bedtimes. We are a bunch who likes our routine. I know you are shocked. Bedtimes, bath times, we clean the playroom on Sundays, etc. Sometimes it is fun to chuck the rules and go swimming at 9pm at night.

But I did want them to get a good night sleep because the next day was my absolute favorite park (and one of my favorite places, period): The Magic Kingdom. Day Three


  1. I am loving your Disney posts!

    1. I am so glad! Sometimes I worry that vacation posts are the new way of inviting someone over for dinner and then making them look at your vacation pictures on the projector! :)

  2. Your posts make me want to take a trip so bad. I need to find someone to go with.


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