Five Friday Favorites

We have had the strangest weather this week. Although we were right on the edge of the winter storm that swept through the eastern states, we had just enough ice and super cold temps to delay school every day this week and delay at Redstone Arsenal, where The Engineer and I work. Today the kids are out and The Engineer is coming home at noon because we are forecasted more ice this afternoon. Not a lot but you don't play with ice. Our school superintendent called school today and although he always gets flack for canceling school, his letters to the public are always a thing of beauty. Candid,  funny and just a subtle hint of snark. We love him.

Yes, Huntsville shuts down at the slightest hint of snow and we always get guff from the northern transplants, but we don't have the road treatment infrastructure that northern states have. There really is no point and investing in salt and sand trucks when it only snows once a year. But because it snows so infrequently, some people down here drive like nimrods. I might be the most careful driver on the road, but if the goober next to me decides that it is business as usual and is fishtailing down the highway, that is dangerous for me too. They have to take into account all of the young drivers and the fact that this is a hilly area for buses, so conventional wisdom today is: Sit your happy butt at home and don't get out. As it is deadline day at the newspaper, I have no problem with that.

So in no particular order, my current five favorite things as of Friday, February 20, 2015:

Rub n Buff Sample Pack

I went to touch up some gold leaf on a shelf and could not find my bag of Rub 'n Buff anywhere. So I checked out Prime to see what they had and came across this. I am a huge fan of Rub 'n Buff as you know and am super excited about the variety of colors arriving Monday. Nothing in the house is safe.

Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary special

I was lucky to grow up during the second golden age of SNL -- "Wayne's World" came out when I was in junior high and was huge among the ninth grade set. Add the Ferrell/Shannon/Oteri years while I was in college and it is safe to say that SNL was a big part of my formative years. If you have not read "Live From New York," get thee to Amazon. I read mostly on my Kindle app but will keep hardcovers of my favorite books. The original version from sits in my office right now and the newer copy with 100 additional pages is in my Kindle. And SNL also has a new app!


via teamskelley on Instagram

I know that I say this about once a week but the media room is nearing completion. We picked out some inexpensive movie posters to adorn the walls and this one has to be my favorite. Big Kid: "These are all old movies." I told him that there is a Harry Potter poster and as he gets older and finds movies that he loves, it is really easy and not too costly to replace the posters.

Amazon Prime

I am only ten years behind everyone else but I love Prime. It is so easy and fast -- and you can find just about anything on there. Since joining in December, I have ordered makeup, bubble bath, a cross body bag, boots and dining chairs. I have gotten to where I really don't shop anywhere else.

The color green

Yes, I know this is a completely random selection but I have found myself gravitating toward green accessories lately. I realized that I have never decorated with green before and I like how it can add interest to a room full of neutrals. It looks fabulous with animal print too.

So none of these are especially earth-shattering but no one ever accused me of being cutting edge. After a day of cleaning out toys with a snowed-in family, I think that I am doing pretty good just to construct whole sentences that do not consist of, "Stop throwing things at your brother."

Happy Weekend! Stay warm and dry out there!


  1. Hey there! I LOVE this FIVE things post. I may steal it for my blog too. We sort of know each other, I am a founding member of the Rocket City Bloggers and now that CJ Smith has categorized all of our blogs on the new website, I now know who all falls in the Lifestyle blogging for Rocket City. We have several. I think we should all meet up sometime! I am adding your blog to my Daily Reads (blogroll) on my blog at moxiebeautiful.com

  2. Is Prime not the most magical thing that ever was?!

  3. My husband has Prime so I always order stuff through his account and love it...ha! I'm behind the gold trend, but have been wanting to paint a few things in our home gold lately. Might have to look into those Rub N Buff paints :)

  4. Green is my favorite color! I actually have the torn out page of that very pic from the original mag (BHG ?). I love the modern table with the pop of the green chairs!

  5. I looked and looked and looked for green chairs and the only ones I found were $300. Each. So I ended up with some black ones and I am still hoping to use some green accents but they are hard to find!

  6. We have been having crazy weather too. I just saw we might have a chance for more Wednesday.
    I still have to watch the SNL special. It is the only thing on my DVR at this point.


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