Stitch Fix | A Review

So my girl Mel has blogged about Stitch Fix for awhile and every time I think, "I love those clothes and that looks like fun but ... I like to shop." I like to pick out my own clothes. I would rather head over to the outdoor mall that is only two miles from my house, get a cup of coffee and hit my favorite stores than use a personal shopper.

But life is especially busy right now. The Engineer has several work trips coming up which means that I will be solo parenting. And it is bitterly cold (we are awaiting five inches of snow later today, not really conducive to outdoor shopping). So what happens more often than not is that I need a top for a special event, I rush out last minute after work but before the kids get home, try on twelve different shirts, like none of them and head home empty handed. I am done with that.

My friend and neighbor Bobbie just started doing Stitch Fix and like Mel, she loves it. I trust both of their judgement so a couple of weeks ago I signed up, filled out an easy online form on sizes and what I needed, and then anxiously awaited my first Stitch Fix box.

What is Stitch Fix? It is an online clothing service where once a month, they send you five clothing items. You try them on in the comfort of your own home and then decide what you want to keep and what you want to send back in a USPS bag with a prepaid label. It could not be any easier. The service costs $20/month but if you keep any items the $20 goes toward payment.

The snow delayed my first box by a couple of days but when it finally arrived, it was like Christmas:

My first Stitch Fix:

Excuse the hair, that is what it looks like after the gym (I did shower before trying on the clothes because, ew). It was cold and this sweater was so warm but I didn't know how I felt about the flappy collar. Little Kid gave it a thumbs down.

Please ignore whatever that is smeared on the mirror.

The shell was also a no. I do not look good in scoop neck. And I clearly need to up my plank poses.

Now we are cooking with gas!

I have always wanted an off-the-shoulder sweater! When I tried it on, Little Kid said, "Oooooooooh." Definite keeper. I can now mark "a new top for our anniversary dinner" off my list.

The Kut from the Kloth jeans were a nice surprise. When I pulled them out and saw that they were skinny, I thought that there was no way I would keep them. Skinny jeans and I had a falling out. But they have a lot of stretch and are so comfortable! I wore them all day yesterday and usually I cannot wait to get out of jeans. I couldn't pass them up. They were a smidge loose but it is not often that I can say that so I am rolling with it. 

And finally:

I would have never picked this shirt out in the store. The pattern did not jump out at me but it was so cute on. From Team Skelley on Instagram:

I was scheduled to speak to the newspaper staff at my kids' school the next day and had no idea what to wear -- I threw a blazer and boots over this and boom, done. I also like it because it is dressy enough to wear to work.

That is the great thing about Stitch Fix (and my mom has been telling me for years not to wait until the last minute). It is delivered to you and you have it in your closet ready for those events when you need something special but you don't have the stress of trying to go find the right style/size/price.

Since I bought three items, my first purchase was a little pricey, I admit. I have my item prices on the lower settings but it still adds up. They will give you 25% off if your purchase all five items. Full disclosure: if you click on my link to sign up, I will receive a referral fee. I like to be 100% transparent about such things because hidden affiliate links is a pet peeve. If you try it out and decide its not your jam, you can cancel at any time. And you don't have to set a scheduled monthly delivery, you can adjust it to fit your needs. It doesn't get any easier than that.

Are you using Stitch Fix? Let me know what you think in the comments!


  1. You got some great things and I love that gray off-the-shoulder sweater and those jeans. I keep going back and forth if I want to try Stitch Fix. I was worried the clothing would be expensive and I would want to keep them all and my husband would kill me...ha! I love a good sale/coupon and never pay full price. I like that you could set a lower price point. What would you say the typical price range is, and do you think you lose quality with a lower price? I may have to give it try and see how it goes.

  2. I'm sort of fascinated by this. So are all the clothes proprietary brands or do all the brands vary?

  3. The jeans and sweater looks AMAZING on you!

    1. Thanks girl! At first I thought it was a cowl neck which always looks a little weird with my basketball head but when I found it was off the shoulder I was like, ooh. It is a little more sultry without inching into skanky. WIN.

  4. Neat idea! I really like the off the shoulder sweater. I don't like shopping and as a fellow career mom my time is extremely limited so anything that is delivered to my home is a win-win.

    1. And they make it so easy to return. I filled out the online return which was super easy, put the items back in the bag and stuck it in the mailbox. Score!

      I hope that y'all are enjoying our impromptu vacation!

  5. Cute stuff - love the off the shoulder sweater and the blouse! I actually liked the top sweater, too - but maybe b/c it is orange & blue? ;) I have a pair of Kut from the Kloth skinny cords. They are hands down the most comfy pants I own!

    1. I am definitely a Kut from the Kloth convert now! They stretch out at the end of the day but they are soooo comfy.

  6. I like that off the shoulder sweater too. I have thought about it but want to wait a couple months to put some money away to mark some items off my wish list.


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