Valentines 2015 Revisited

If you follow Team Skelley on Instagram, you are probably thinking, "LAME. I have already seen all of these photos." But to be honest, I am not convinced of the staying power of IG yet. Will all of our photos still be accessible in five years? Ten? On the other hand, the internet is forever so I thought that I would recap a really awesome Valentines weekend just for posterity. And for tenth grade Katie who more than anything just wanted a guy to give her a flower on Valentines Day. It will happen fifteen-year-old Katie, just be patient. And maybe rethink that perm.

Friday night, the fan went out for a Valentines dinner. Big Kid brought home a gift certificate from school to Longhorn Steakhouse for good grades so we went out early to avoid the pre-Valentine rush. Good thing too because by the time we left at 6:30, it was bananas.

I am really digging Bungalow 123 and their buffalo check shirt. 

Saturday I came out of our bedroom and Little said, "Mommy! You have to go back in your room!" Turns out that some special someones were making me breakfast in bed.

Good thing I had these up my sleeve. Books for the kiddos -- we have spent most of this year cleaning old outgrown toys out of our playroom as we transition it to a media room (post coming soon!) so the idea of adding more toys to the mix made my eye twitch. We are a family of bookworms.

The Engineer reads on his Kindle so that wouldn't work for him. I realized that I have not bought him cologne since we were dating so I cruised on over to Ulta to pick him up a Valentine gift. And proceeded to try out about 15 different types of cologne, not liking any of them. I went to Sephora and the first one that I picked up was a winner. My recommendation: Dior Homme Sport smells delicious.

Sunday night The Engineer and I went to dinner at Texas de Brazil. It was my first time dining at a Brazilian steakhouse and if you haven't been, servers bring a never-ending parade of different cuts of meat to your table. The Engineer might have rolled his eyes at me when I declared the potato salad my favorite. All joking aside, it was delicious and a cool experience.

Afterwards we saw "Kingsman: The Secret Service" which was a fun, decidedly non-Valentines movie. #betterthanfiftyshadesthough

Monday was a federal holiday so neither The Engineer nor I had to go on post. We decided after the meat extravaganza (that's what she said) the night before, a trip to the YMCA might be a good idea. I worked out in the gym as he and the Little walked around the track hand-in-hand -- which might have made me a little misty-eyed -- while the boy played basketball in the gym.

It was possibly my best Valentines ever.

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  1. I'm with you on the toys.....Charlie's birthday is coming up, and if he gets ONE TOY, I'm going to flip out!

    I can't wait to see the room makeover!


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