Valentines Help For the Dudes

For the mass quantity of men who read this blog:

So you are looking for some mood music for tomorrow night. Something that will set the right feel -- nothing sappy, nothing overwrought but just the right song that will express how you feel about your special someone. Let me share with you my favorite love song -- it appears on the blog every Valentines Day and I like it because it is subtle. It is not a collection of overwrought cliched nonsense. It is romantic perfection.

Now this is not sexy time music. This is a little off the beaten path. This is music that makes a statement. And the statement is not only do you love your partner, but you are who you are because they are in your life. To start a love song with "I may not always love you" is daring and you are probably thinking, "Katie?" but keep listening. I have always thought of this song as a grownup love song. It makes you really pay attention to the lyrics. I think many of us can relate to "God only knows what I'd be without you." This song says: You are it for me. These lyrics on top of Brian Wilson's arrangement? You cannot go wrong.

"God Only Knows" is Paul McCartney's favorite song and do you get a better recommendation than Macca? No. No you don't. 

Good luck!

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