A TBT & T4T on a rainy day

I was a teenager when I first saw St. Elmo's Fire. 

Too young for its original 1985 release, it was probably the early nineties when I watched it on video and I was enamored. I thought that was the way post-college life would be, although maybe less pretentious. To a girl from small-town Tennessee, Georgetown was very larger than life. I had the opportunity to walk through Georgetown a few years ago and it was exactly as I envisioned.

And I might have had a crush on Judd Nelson. HUGE. Even with him being a sorta a d-bag in the movie. 

I was already very familiar with the soundtrack as my grandmother was a big fan of David Foster. So much that when she passed away in 2000, we played the Love Theme from St. Elmo's Fire at her funeral. It is a gorgeous and timeless song and I thought that it would be a fitting addition to Tune for Tuesday/Thursday on this rainy morning. 

Oh gosh, I have never seen this video before, this is hilarious. Is that Rob Lowe playing the sax?

The rest of the soundtrack is like a mid-eighties time capsule although "Man in Motion" is always good. And the video has Judd Nelson. Sigh. Yes, I know he is almost my mom's age, but eighties-era Nelson was dangerous. 

Happy Thursday!

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