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What did I just read?

For once, I mean that in a good way. I just finished the soapiest, most melodramatic, angst-ridden book series ... and I could not stop reading. I touched on this in Thursday's post but now that I am done with the last one, I can honestly say ... Gah! I am not even going to say how late I stayed up reading last night finishing the last book because I am just going to get the side eye from my husband, who is a master lurker on the blog (Hi, Sweetie).

The success of this series comes directly from Tarryn Fisher's talent. It takes a master wordsmith to take all of the twists and turns in these books and make them believable. Plus, her ability to paint a word picture is why I woke up today still thinking about the happenings in these books. 

Confession: I did not read Dirty Red. I felt so strongly for Olivia that I knew that I would have to go directly to Caleb's story in the third book. To be honest, I wanted to know more about Caleb and Olivia and Leah could suck it. Although as villainesses go, she was delightfully batsh*t. And I admire the author for writing the second book from the antagonist's POV. But I wasn't there for that. The addictiveness of the first book was so strong that it even led me to break my "No books with shirtless dudes on the cover" rule.  

I read a lot of books -- a lot of contemporary, some chick lit, dystopian, a bit of sci fi, occasionally a zombie novel (though never at night) and somewhat embarrassingly, a lot of New Adult, even though I have not been a "new adult" in about a decade. My book tastes are not cultured. But I don't like saccharine, I don't like maudlin and I don't like excessive sex scenes on every page. They bore me. What I do like is a well-told story that can suck me in. This definitely fit the bill. 

So if you are looking for a book that is over the top, but manages to be engrossing and full of twists and turns, the Love Me With Lies series is for you. Let me know what you think! 

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