Evolution of a game room

Well, it is finally done. Or as done as it is going to get. I am sure that I will tweak the decor here and there as needed but as for now, my creativity is tapped and I think it is time to just sit back and enjoy our new media and gaming room!

To set the story,  let me take you back to the far away days of 2009. When we first moved into our home, our bonus room looked like this. With a toddler and a preschooler, we wanted it to be bright and cheerful.

Eventually over the years, it became the room where our old furniture went to retire. We had the neighbor's bookshelves that they put out on the curb, our very first couch...

...which had two big rips on the back, a Pottery Barn clock that never worked, a coffee table from Crate & Barrel which we bought when we moved into our previous house and a multitude of toddler toys. Considering that we no longer have any toddlers, we knew it was time for a change. Goodbye, Playroom! You were a great space for six years.

Hello, Media and Game Room.

My husband has been planning this for years. In fact, I think he first envisioned a media room when he won this TV at the local China Buffet. I kid you not. He went in during their anniversary celebration to have lunch with some co-workers and walked out with a flat-screen TV.

We started with a new coat of BM Revere Pewter. Thank you to my girl Sandy's awesome husband and son for painting over that monster red wall! We found a sectional at Havertys which we liked but it was on the pricey side. So when we came across this at Costco for $1500 less, we were obsessed. One rental truck and an entire Saturday of lugging it from our garage to our upstairs rec room later, it is now our favorite nighttime spot. #worthit

Gone are the bright yellow lights. It gets pretty rowdy in there at times and we deemed the glass pendants No Longer A Good Idea.

This side ...

now looks like this:

And this side ...

... is now this:

The TV is on a swivel stand so you can adjust it to face the sectional, the ping pong table or our game table. I love the look of cowhide, but am not really one for real animal skin. I think it stems from growing up around cows on my grandmother's farm. So the faux zebra rug from Prime was a lucky find and the $46 price tag was a no-brainer. Highly recommend.

My favorite part of the process was picking out the movie posters from Allposters.com. The best thing (besides that they were all around $5/piece) was that the white frames I found at Target are very user-friendly and it will be easy to switch out posters over the years as the kids find their own favorite movies. These were some huge walls and 2 ft. by 3 ft. posters were a good way to fill the space without spending a small fortune.

I knew that a table was essential. We needed a space for puzzles, Legos, board games and art projects. I originally ordered a tulip table which did not survive the transport. That turned into a blessing in disguise when I found this Pottery Barn knock off at Wayfair for $400 less than PB and $10 less than the tulip table. 

Eventually I will probably do something with this wall and am envisioning some sort of gallery wall. But I want to avoid the room looking too cluttered -- especially with the multitude of movie posters on the wall. I am in love with the storage space in the base. I found the chairs on Prime -- I liked the price and I loved that they were vinyl and easy to clean. We have had this red PBK bucket since Big Kid was a toddler -- it serves a purpose as a catch-all but I might change it out eventually. 

I was able to salvage quite a bit from the playroom -- our bookshelves and bookcase were a must, although Big Kid has discovered iBook and hardbacks might be a thing of the past.

Before ...


The bean bag from Pier One has to be the most comfortable chair ever. And the most un-flattering to climb out. I have yet to get up from it without my husband bursting out laughing.

The Engineer's contribution to wall decor was this cool poster which is a reproduction of a playbill from the play performed at Ford's Theater the night that President Lincoln was assassinated.

I loved our rugby stripe curtains from PBK and absolutely did not want to get rid of them, so I was relieved that they matched the new room. The snack corner shelf used to be downstairs, but now holds snacks and treats for the steady stream of fourth and fifth graders who come thru.

The retro fridge is from Overstock and I found the garbage can at Lowes. 

We really wanted a space that would be used as the kids grew older and also a place that they could hang with their friends. We also wanted a spot where The Engineer and I could entertain and watch movies. I had never done a media or game room so I had to stretch to design a space that was everything to everyone. I think I got it right. 

Happy Weekend and thank you for peeking in on our first big project of 2015. Next to tackle: our front door. This is a very reluctant project as I love my front door and do not want to replace it, but it is cracked down the middle and after attempting to have it fixed three times and consulting a master woodworker, the door has been deemed unrepairable. It is never good when you walk by your foyer and feel a draft.


  1. Looks stylish, functional & fun! You always do a great job with home decor! ;-) Awesome transformation!

    1. Thank you, Friend! This is why I needed the Lego closet, ha!

  2. That looks amazing. I love the posters on the wall!

  3. Smart choices! I wish I had known you were using butterfly chairs. I just sold my vintages Hardoys last week to a very excited Romanian guy in Atlanta. Love the play of the Moraccan trellis of the photo frame and the end table also.

    1. I had to introduce a little feminine into it. ;) Thank you, Mama D!

  4. I love it! It looks so very grown up and stylish, but also comfortable, which a family room should be. Great job!!


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