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With title writing talent like this, is it no wonder that they pay me to be a writer? 

The kids have been doing a lot of stuff lately, as if that is unusual. These kids like to be on the go. This past week has necessitated some juggling as The Engineer is TDY (temporary duty) but we managed to get everywhere we needed to be. And they stayed clean and fed, so I consider it a win. I have also been knee-deep in getting them signed up for summer camps and activities which is a job in itself.

Sometimes this blog serves as a snapshot of our lives, and so today I am writing about Big and Little Kids and what they have been up to lately.

...1... Basketball: Done.

It was a season of highs and lows and it was a very important learning experience for Big. He might not have been the top scorer like last season, but he now knows what it is like to play on a more competitive team and how sometimes you don't get the playing time or make all of the shots that you think you should. More importantly than that, he is old enough now to pay attention to the other players and parents. The Engineer and I are pretty laid-back about sports -- you honor your commitment and you try your best, but we are not sideline coaches. We don't yell at him. It is 10-year-old basketball. But some of the other parents take it very seriously ... and take it out on their kids. Big is starting to see that. They ended up in fourth place and he hit two three pointers in his last game, so he was happy overall.  

...2... Baseball begins.

We have had very little sunshine for the last month. It seems to have snowed, sleet or rain every day which means that all baseball practices have been canceled and the coach/dads are losing their collective mind over the lack of practice time. I, on the other hand, have not been all that torn up. Luckily for our team, one of the parents works for the Alabama Hammers, the local arena football team, and he secured their practice facility for us tonight. Big Kid was beside himself.

The Engineer is a trooper. He was up at 3:30 this morning, flew back from Boston and then took both kids to a 2.5 hour practice while I helped at a church youth retreat tonight. I heart him.

...3... Girl Scout cookies -- we did it!

Having this many cookies in my house is dangerous.

On Monday, Little's Girl Scout troop delivered cookies to the local police and fire department. It probably was my favorite part of the whole process because I think that it was an important lesson for them and a super service project. I have adorable pictures of them with the personnel but I don't know all of the girls' parents and I am hesitant to share them here without their approval.

Big Kid's first year tally: 218 boxes sold!

...4... MLK Program

Big is in the Nike swoosh shirt.

I was lucky enough to finish my workday just before Big Kid's Black History Month school play so I rushed up to the school and I am glad that I did. It was very sweet and very meaningful. I read the headlines today and I cannot believe that race relations are still a problem in this country. Shouldn't we be past this? Shouldn't we be BETTER? We still have such a long road to travel toward real and complete equality and that is why I think that it is so important that the kids participate in Black History Month events. Especially in Alabama where the history is so painful.

...5... Traveling the world in an hour and a half.

We attended the fourth annual International Night at the kids' school last night. I think that it is their favorite activity each year. Every class studies a country and then decorates their classroom and serves food from that country and holds demonstrations. The kids' class did not dress up this year but several of the other classes did. Big Kid was super pleased because this was the first year that he had his passports stamped from every country -- seriously, they all have passports with their photos in them. It is precious.

And a bonus -- I was at the kids' school taking photographs for the newspaper last week of Redstone workers participating in Read Across America Day when guess who walked in? A gaggle (I am sure that the correct terminology for multiple hockey players) of Huntsville Havoc players. And one of their stops was Big Kid's room. You should have seen the look on his face. I, of course, followed them right in and started taking pictures. You could see one of them glance at me like, "Who is that strange woman taking photos of us?"

Big is in the grey tee. Isn't his double crown a hoot? It makes haircuts extra fun.

The forecast for Sunday is supposed to be 70 and sunny! Could it be? Could we possibly finally have a nice day? I am afraid to get my hopes up. We are celebrating the anniversary of our first date (14 years on Tuesday!) this weekend at a new Italian restaurant close to our house. I am commencing my fasting now. Paassstttttttaaaaaa. /Homer voice

 I hope that you have a fabulous weekend!

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