Five Friday Faves

I do these Friday fave posts often and name them something different every time. The Type A in me needs to find one specific title and stick to it. I think Five Friday Faves will be it. Remind me of this when next week I name it Fun Favorites for Friday or such nonsense.


It has been a strange few weeks in the Rocket City. Almost every day, school and work has been delayed for snow, ice or extremely cold temperatures. And then last Wednesday afternoon, this happened:

Fourth largest snowfall in Huntsville history. We measured eight inches in our yard but other places had as much as a foot. It quickly melted, but then a week later --

Which doesn't look as impressive until you notice that this is not snow, it is ice. I watched Fletcher go out into the backyard yesterday and he did not make paw prints. It was solid. So needless to say, the the metro area has been shut down for the last two days. I think this final blast of winter weather was enough for me. I'm done. Bring on Spring!

Kate Spade

I bounced into the consignment store up the street to look for a pair of jeans for Big Kid's school MLK program and walk out with a new handbag. Doh. Good news is that I cleaned out my closet that morning and consigned four of my old purses, so hopefully it will be an even trade. The owner said that the consigner never wore it (WHY???) and it looks brand new.

Balance Me Wonder eye cream

My Work Boo gave This to me from her Birchbox stash and I'm hooked. I am the world's worst about staying up too late to read and this takes away those early morning bags.

Sandwich crust cutter

I ordered This from Amazon Prime because my kids are thoroughly anti-crust and I am terrible at peeling off crusts -- I take off half the sandwich too. Highly recommend.

The never-ending media room saga is coming to an end.

We started turning our playroom into a media/game room two months ago and I am happy to report that it is almost done. Today I am sharing the snack corner.



We have a constant stream of boys in and out of my house so I try to keep moderately healthy snacks stocked for them to snack on. Now if I can just get them to stop leaving half-full Sprites out and use a coaster, we will be golden.

We have cleaned out closets and and donated and sold a lot of old toys. My son is solidly in his tween phase right now and his little sister thinks she is a tween. I am usually pretty good about cleaning out their outgrown toys but we moved out a lot of old stuff to make room for the new sectional and game table. I am not the most sentimental person but it was bittersweet donating all of Big Kid's toys. I soothed my melancholy with a beanbag chair.

Coming soon: The whole room makeover! I thought that it would be done but the game table I ordered arrived smashed all to hell. Onto Plan B.

On our agenda for the weekend : Hopefully some sunshine, fun and probably a good chunk of time at the YMCA to work off all of the Girl Scout cookies I inhaled while we were snowed in. And, I have to work a little. Sigh. Happy weekend!


  1. I second the motion for Spring to start. For the last 3 weeks we have had ice or snow.

  2. I love love love the Kate Spade bag!!!
    Chelsea@ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com/


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