Hello Snow!

As we face down what could possibly be a major ice storm in the metro Huntsville area, I would like to harken back to the days of last week when eight inches of snow promptly landed and then immediately melted the next day. Oh, Alabama weather. Never change.

Do you know who likes snow? This guy.

Perfect snow for a snow fort.

And a snowball fight.

And according to Fletch, a walk.

Three hours after the snow started.

And then we woke up to this view from our front porch.

But we had to work fast the next day to build the Snow Whale before it all melted.

This was taken after Fletcher knocked the head off The Engineer's snowman. I personally think that the red eyes were creeping him out. #demonsnowman He was eventually repurposed into the Snow Whale's tail.

To give you an example of Alabama weather, it was 70 degrees today. I was sweating at my outdoor interview. Tomorrow everything is closed -- schools, city hall and Redstone Arsenal because of the possibility of an ice storm. Fingers crossed for no loss of power and I hope that everyone else in the path of this storm stays safe!


  1. Why have I never thought of making a snow whale?! That's brilliant! I did make the White House out of snow one year. I was really impressed with my snow skilz.

  2. The whale is cute. It was sad it went so fast. But I will take just snow any day over ice.


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