Thoughts on Creating a Comfy & Cute Kids Bed

I have been thinking about this post for awhile now. I am no expert in home design and decor, and I am certainly not reinventing the wheel but I like to mess around and see what I can cook up. It is never going to be perfect or magazine-ready, but if I can make it comfy and creative -- and maybe even a little cool -- then I am satisfied. So this is what I have learned over the last decade of making many a kids bed.

Patterns patterns patterns. While I love Pottery Barn Kids bedding, I don't love the prices. I have found that Target also have cute, patterned bedding at a fraction of the cost. The sets each only cost between $20-25 and they have a variety of fun patterns that my kids like too. I rotate out a pink counting doll set for Little and this tan houndstooth in the photos.

Fold a comforter at the foot of the bed.

This gives the bed a finished look, but here is dilemma -- we have quilted mattress pads on both of the kids' beds because their mattresses are older. This makes the fitted sheet not fit all the way down over the mattress. I wish I had a good answer for you on how to fix this -- if your children use a flat sheet then it covers up the ill-fitting sheet and it is not a problem, but if you have weird children like mine who do not like sleeping under flat sheets, then it can look sloppy. And make you have to wash their comforters a lot. That is why we buy inexpensive comforters at TJ Maxx/HomeGoods. Little's comforter is possibly one of the softest comforters I have ever felt. I am thinking about adding another blanket into the mix on Big Kid's bed for a little more color. 

We do the folded quilt/comforter in our bedroom too. This is an IG picture from this weekend of the dog losing his mind because he thinks that Little Kid's stuffed animal Speckles is real and apparently going to attack his family. #fierce

Just say no to Matchy Matchy.

I know that it is so tempting to go to the department store and buy the whole bed in a set and boom! Done. I have done it too, but do you really want your dust ruffle to match your sheets to match your throw pillows? [You: Yes, I do Katie. I want all those things to match.] Just because your sheets are brown and white, doesn't mean everything has to be brown and white. And even singular colors -- I used to have to use the exact same shade of a color in a room, never could we have navy and royal blue appear together. That is boring! And difficult to do. Different shades do work.

Add texture and sparkle with an accent pillow.

I love pillows that have a texture to them ... okay, I like anything with a texture to them. Flat accessories seem to fade into the background.

So these are some ideas that have worked for me -- I am always looking for stylish looks that don't sacrifice comfort and don't break the bank.

Happy Thursday! 

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  1. Such great tips, Katie! I have never thought about just leaving on the sheet and folding down the comforter. It looks so cozy that way. It just dawned on me tonight that it has been a LONG time since I visited your blog. I changed some features on my blog a while back and now I don't see my blog feed like I used to. I see you are still ticking right along. :)

  2. Both rooms are cute. I am still trying to figure out all the decorating stuff.


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