Aloha, Engineer!

It is a tradition on Team Skelley that I turn the blog over to The Engineer when he goes somewhere interesting. In 2014, it was Turkey. This month, he spent 2.5 weeks in Hawaii and returned yesterday with chocolate covered macadamia nuts, a Hawaiian Hello Kitty for Little Kid and a camera full of photos. Today we are taking a tour through the island of Kauai....

Aloha, Team Skelley readers! I guess being the second time makes it a tradition. (Katie: My son gets his affinity for sarcasm honest.) My job takes me to interesting places on occasion, and none more so than my trip to Kauai over the past few weeks. I'll admit there were some 12- and 14-hour days on the job, but it wasn't all work. I snapped a few pictures to share:

Postcard, you say? No, this was the view from my room at the Marriott Kauai Beach Club. Being on the 9th floor is not something I could probably get away with when Katie's on the trip. Don't tell her how much time I spent out on the balcony. (Yes, I am terrified of heights, don't judge.)

I tried to find as many waterfalls as I possibly could, and this one was probably my favorite. Wailua Falls, not too far from the hotel just north of Lihue.

Looking down the east coast of Kauai from just north of Kapa'a.

It was between 70 and 83 degrees the entire time I was on the island. It sprinkled occasionally, but never for very long. But just in case you needed it, the hotel had a convenient weather station right outside.

The Marriott boasted the largest pool in Hawaii, and I've got to say I'm not doubting them. It was pretty impressive, as was the whole resort itself. When I checked in, both the lady at the rental car place and the hotel clerk looked at my reservation and said "Sixteen days! Are you here working?" with an incredulous look. Apparently they don't get a whole lot of that.

Mark Twain called the Waimea Canyon on Kauai the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific." The man had a way with words. (If you read his Turkey post you might have noticed he has an affinity for canyons.)

One of the more interesting aspects of Kauai is their population of wild chickens. They are everywhere and all over the island.They're cute, until you realize they cock-a-doodle-doo at ALL times of the day, not just sunrise. The one above looked at me longingly as I ate my lunch by the pool. The mother hen and her seven chicks below accosted me at one of the canyon overlooks. I had to get another visitor to shoo them away from my car so I didn't accidentally run one over. 

I'll admit to working on my laptop some at the hotel, but I can say that's just not nearly as bad when this is your view.

In also what has to be one of the larger Koi ponds in existence, the Marriott had theirs just outside of the lobby, complete with a waterfall of their own. The fish were fed every morning at 0900, but any time of the day would swim up to you as you stood at the edge, hoping for a handout. The 9-year-old girl standing next to me one afternoon also proved that you could pet them.

I told you that my 9th floor balcony looked out onto the bay, but what I didn't mention earlier is that the bay is Nawiliwili Bay, where cruise ships dock when they are in Kauai. I got a pretty good picture as this Love Boat sailed away.

Next time you are in Hawaii, make it a point to go to Duke's. And the next time you go to Duke's, make sure and get a piece of Hula Pie. (I am sure he was missing me and my Cartman pie impression.)

I certainly enjoyed my time on the Garden Isle, but after two and a half weeks was ready to get back to my ohana (family in Hawaiian).

Until my next big trip -- mahalo and aloha, The Engineer.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I went to Maui a few years ago, and it was my favorite trip so far. Your husbands pictures totally reminded me of this trip and now I can't wait to go back. And I have to agree, if you are ever in Hawaii, make sure to try the Hula Pie at Duke's! It's huge but so so good!

  2. Great pictures! I need a TDY to Hawaii! :-) I hope that you all had a great anniversary celebration!

    1. For real! Somehow I think we got stuck in the wrong government organizations. :) We need to get together this summer!

  3. So so beautiful! I say you demand you get to go next time!!


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