Easter 2015

We had a pretty darn good Easter here at Team Skelley -- The Engineer's family rolled in Friday night and our weekend was full of food, fun and family and devoid of tornadoes, which usually put a damper on festivities. We had bad weather forecasted for Friday night, and the sirens did go off but we managed to make it through our church's Good Friday service without any funnel clouds touching down. April in Alabama ... 

Saturday was our annual egg dyeing day (photos on Instagram, link at top of page) and then it was time for our church's egg hunt. Saturday night, Gramma came down and joined us for an Easter dinner and was her usual ebullient self.

Sunday, the kids awoke to find that the Big Bunny had been by and left them books and swimsuits and assorted goodies. The Easter Bunny gave Big Kid a copy of Watership Down, which coincidentally enough is his mother's favorite book and about rabbits, so it fit the theme. She read it for the first time when she was in the fifth grade (and really hopes that he likes it).

Picture time!

Can I tell you how excited I was about Big Kid's blazer? I found it on sale at J. Crew and I thought that he looked rather dapper. He humored me, although you can see him looking stiffer and more nonplussed as the photos go on.

They would not have looked half this put together without Nana's ironing super powers.


Confession: I have been dressing them alike since Big was a toddler. #crazy

We had a great weekend with Aunt Dana and The Nana!

I was also excited about Little's dress because it cost ... drumroll ... $8 at Gymboree. I snuck out on Dec. 26 to see a movie after all the craziness of the holidays and on my way to my car I dropped in Gymboree to find that they were having a huge sale. At the time, Easter was not anywhere on my radar but it was the perfect dress, the perfect price and I just tucked it away for three months. I love being on top of things. #thatswhatshesaid

Yep. That is my family.

It was a busy weekend -- our choir sang both Friday night and Sunday morning. Friday night we sang like bosses, but yesterday it went off the rails. I don't really know what happened other than with all of the pollen in the air I sounded like Harvey Fierstein and that was when I managed to sing the right notes. Oy.

I hope that you and yours had a wonderful Easter and a happy Monday!

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