Fashion Friday | The Duster: Yay or Nay

So dusters are back and decidedly more fashionable than Silent Bob.

My mom, daughter and I were in H&M the other day and noticed that they had a selection of long cardigans and gauzy sheer dusters. I asked my mom, "Am I too old to pull off that look?" And my mom, ever my personal cheerleader, replied, "Of course not." She did not know that in my head I was picturing a very Bonnaroo-esque look of maybe a long floral or crocheted duster paired with a tank top and cutoffs. Mom probably was thinking more along the lines of a long cardigan with my Ann Taylor shift dress.

Being a child of the nineties, I have been known to rock an extra-long cardigan at times. I like them -- I find them comforting and they immediately add interest to a plain outfit. While my hippie lace ensembles might be behind me as I slowly creep toward 40, I am sharing a few dusters today that I believe would be appropriate at any age for many fashion types.

All images and sources can be found on my Fashion board at Pinterest.

So what do you think -- are you a fan or is the duster an "Oh honey, NO." trend?


  1. I was just talking about dusters a few weeks ago when I got my hair done, and my hair stylist (who is probably in her early 20's) had no idea what I was talking about...I felt old...ha! I liked them then, and I like some of the ones you included above (2nd one is my fav). But not sure about the one that goes all the way to the ground. I'm likely to trip on that one. Other than that, I'm a fan. Hope you have a great Easter holiday!!

  2. I don't know- I'm torn! I think I'm just barely on the "oh honey no" side but some of those girls look great!

    1. I know! I think it is a fine line and you have to have the perfect ensemble. Shorts have to be not too hootchie ... I think I am leaning toward pants.


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