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Do I have a book recommendation for you today!

Kulti by Mariana Zapata

Reading: I love this book. I LOVE this book! I am such a sucker for a strong heroine and I mean strong, not hard or cold, which so many authors seem to confuse. "Kulti" is set on the professional soccer field and is the story of a female professional player whose soccer idol joins the coaching staff. The main criticism on Goodreads is that it is a slow-burn romance, but come on. I would much rather read a story that is well-written rather than one fraught with insta-love (yuck) and whose male lead demonstrates his alpha male-ness by how many f-bombs he can drop in a conversation. Now this book is not chaste, it is not PG-13 and it does have a couple of sex scenes, but it is also laugh out loud funny. I know it will be one that I read again. So many books today are set in these unrealistic scenarios with characters who are more caricatures. I liked these characters. Zapata's talented writing kept the drama from becoming melodrama.

I give it the coveted five out of five basset hounds.


Doing: Cleanup in the backyard. I have big plans for the patio, big plans I tell ya. Okay, I have no idea what I am doing but I am brainstorming on ways to make our backyard more inviting and a place where we can hang out comfortably.

Watching: Beetlejuice, which came out when I was eleven, so I thought that it would be the perfect movie for my almost-eleven-year-old (next month!).

Feeling: Frustrated. Our Latin cantata that we have been working on in choir is kicking my tail. I am no Barbra Streisand, but considering that I have sung second soprano for oh, 25 years, I have always been pretty confident in my ability to read and learn music. Au contraire! 

Experiencing: Pollen. Lots and lots of pollen, which is contributing to my giant choir fail. Every night at bedtime I hack up a lung. Did you watch the TV show "Wings?" Do you remember Carlton Blanchard? He was also Lewis in Christmas Vacation. That is who I sound like.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Oh that book sounds good, I think I'll have to pick it up! Good luck with the patio. We got some furniture off Amazon last yr for our deck, a couch and chairs, that make it so inviting for relaxing and lounging. It instantly transformed our deck. The pollen is so bad here too- thank god for flonase!


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