Thoughts on Thursday: Easter Edition

The State of Katie on April 2, 2015.
My favorite photo this week from my friend Carolyn Edwards

Reading: Nothing good enough to post here. I have been disappointed by my reading selections this week so I will recommend an book that I read last week: Deep Blue Eternity by Natasha Boyd. I liked this book although it did drag at times. There is some naughtiness, if that is or is not your cup of tea. I saw the big twist coming but that did not make it less enjoyable. Four out of five basset hounds.


Doing: Prep for the Skelleys imminent arrival for Easter! Which means scrubbing the dog drool off everything and making sure towels and clean and fresh. And since Big Kid is incapable of taking a shower without dousing his bathroom walls, it looks like I will be sanding and repainting his funky, peeling shoe molding in the bathroom. I also am coordinating with the Easter Bunny on baskets and STILL trying to get the kids signed up for summer camp. Editor's note: Done!

Watching: Baseball. The next two months are going to be crazy town with onset of baseball season. If you follow Team Skelley on Instagram, you might have seen that Big's first game kicked off Tuesday and he did so well. Started off at short, spent two innings on the pitcher's mound and struck four kids out and threw out another, and finished at first. Three at bats -- walked the first time (on a full count, I was on pins and needles) and hit it to the outfield at both subsequent bats. But what I was most proud of was his focus and how he kept his cool while pitching and when he was called out for stealing too early. He almost gave me a heart attack when he stole home, but he made it! I love that kid and the enthusiasm that he always has for everything. He has always been my mercurial child, but has matured so much in the last year and  is growing up to be a strong, smart boy. Not that we don't still have prayer meetings on occasion.

Feeling: The need to do some gardening with the nicer weather this week so I planted my vinca and pray that our freezing temps are behind us. Also a little overwhelmed by my todo list. 

Experiencing: A first grader who has decided that she needs control over her wardrobe and wants to wear her soccer workout clothes to school every day. Is it worth the battle? I look at all of her pretty clothes (and think about the money I spent) and ask, Why??? 

Happy Thursday!

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