Thoughts on Thursday

My first thought on this Thursday was, "It is 5:30 in the morning, why am I awake?" We had a serious storm come through early and I thought that we would have to swim to school.

More Thursday thoughts...

Reading: Nothing that will blow your wig off. Amazon keeps recommending books with shirtless dudes on the cover. No, Amazon. I do not want to read My Billionaire Stepbrother.

Doing: A little naval gazing. 

If you ever want to shine a spotlight on your own hubris, try changing careers at 35. Although I had freelanced for a couple of years when I went to work for the Rocket, an Army newspaper is a whole different animal. I had to learn the mechanics of how a newspaper is put together, juxtaposed by its differences from a "typical" newspaper as an official Army source. It is a different set of hoops to jump, that is for sure. I think anyone working in media has a desire to get it right, but when you are writing about high-level military officials and programs, you feel that pressure very acutely.

I learned very quickly to check my ego at the door. I am the only staffer without a journalism degree and instead of hiding that and trying to pretend that I was coming to the table with the same journalistic pedigree, I am very honest about my former career. But here is the question I have been pondering: When does humility become low self-esteem? I crack wise a lot about my contributions to the paper and my lack of them. This is a 63-year-old institution and although newspapers are dropping like flies in the digital age, I am optimistic that it will live on for many years after I am gone and I am simply happy to be part of it for however long I can. That does not mean I am not proud of my work. But (the Sociology major once again comes out to play) when you downplay your contributions, do you also downplay your worth? What do you think?

Watching: Nothing at this moment, but I have a date with the new season of Game of Thrones! I am spoiled for the first episode, but still have my face-hiding pillow at the ready. 

Feeling: Tired. At least my landscaping will be green and pretty. In the past week, our house has been thoroughly pressure washed, mulched, planted and soon-to-be-mowed once it dries out. We've had a ceiling leak repaired, a rotted shoe molding replaced and our new front door (to replace the cracked one) is on its way. I replaced a dead tree with a popcorn bush and have a new yard treatment company. Turns out that our front yard shrubbery are afflicted with both a bug AND a mold. They are over-achievers. I am also the proud new owners of five emerald green trees and hopefully the new landscaping will help our backyard drainage issue. It had started to resemble a pond. House maintenance is super sexy.  

Experiencing: Tooth pain. No bueno. I have a date with the dentist in a couple of weeks for three crowns, but I am a little worried because part of the pain is coming from a different tooth. Fingers crossed that it is simply displaced tooth pain. That's a thing, isn't it?

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Goodness, your tooth stuff and house stuff wore me out and made me want to reach through the computer and hug you. Or maybe buy you a drink.
    I think that you need to stop being so humble and start telling yourself that you only got hired because of your qualifications. You only keep your job (in times of newspapers dying) because you do great work and are an asset to the paper. Yes be honest about your experience but see where you've come from and how you've grown too. A journalism degree doesn't necessarily mean one is good at it nor does one without a journalism degree mean that they are not qualified to be a journalist.

  2. Thank you, Friend. As always, your kind words brighten my day! XOXO.


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