Thoughts on Thursday

Reading: Bad Romeo, which is delightfully angsty. It is the story of a fine arts  school and skips back in forth to six years before, when the main characters met and fell in love and the present, where they are successful actors and estranged. The writing is very good but while I love drama, I do want to tell the main characters to get over themselves.

Little Kid is reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid at home, but at school she is reading to her former kindergarten class! Her teacher from last year sent this photo to me yesterday.

She is so proud that she can now read like Mom and Dad and her brother.
Writing: A story about the history of "Taps" for our Memorial Day special edition. I always enjoy our history stories because I learn something new.

Watching: No more Game of Thrones at bedtime! Nightmares about Ramsey Bolton are no bueno.

Listening to: My Requiem by Mark Hayes CD because our church choir cantata is finally here! After 14 months of practice, I am actually feeling good about it although I still don't know how a concert entirely in Latin is going to sound in my Tennessee accent. 
Experiencing: Anticipation. I am waiting for the fire chief on post to call me this morning to photograph their new fire simulator. I feel like Butthead, "Fire! Fire!"
Happy Thursday!

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Thoughts for Thursday

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