Tuesday Two Toned Toilet

As you know, I live with a fifth grade boy. 

He looks clean, doesn't he? Last night he came home with mud smeared on his face.

And not to get too detailed but sometimes the bathroom of a fifth grade boy gets a little out of hand. We had to replace his shoe molding last week because for some reason he douses the wall every time he takes a shower. And his toilet ... well, if you have lived with a boy, you know the toilet sitch.

Our powder bath toilet is also not immune to -- trying to say this delicately -- splashing. And as much as I clean it, the lid still stains, which drives the Type A in me bonkers. After replacing the lid twice in six years, I knew I had to go in a different direction.

Amazon Prime to the rescue, again! This bathroom fits under our stairs so it is virtually impossible to photograph except in pieces. As you can see this is also where the kids brush their teeth in the mornings.

Hopefully, this toilet seat will stand the test of time. I know that a black toilet top will not match every decor but I did want to toss it out today as an idea if you are also dealing with toilet seat stains.

Happy (toilet) Tuesday!

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