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The yard is finally flourishing after a long, cold winter!  I wanted to capture the blooming before they lose their petals in the approaching rain this weekend. We are still awaiting our new front door, and it has been a long, three month process but I have learned something interesting to share -- wooden door manufacturers will no longer stain dark stains on a wood door without voiding the warranty because they absorb too much heat and will crack -- just as ours did. Interesting. 

When we moved here six years ago, I had a specific image of what we were looking for in a home. Our last home in Tennessee was very suburban, with a huge yard -- a yard that after we started having kids, we struggled to maintain. Growing up in a small town, I have always been intrigued by the homes that we would see in city neighborhoods. I loved the urban style of the houses, but with a family feel. So I picked and designed this with that in mind -- while still keeping it in the aesthetic of our neighborhood. I definitely knew I wanted a tall house versus a wide house, if that makes sense. We did an black aluminum fence because our yard is so small, we did not want to feel as though we are in a wooden box. And because we had a wooden fence in Tullahoma and maintenance was a bear. We are also lucky that we live close to a school with a playground and baseball field, so that lost yardage is not missed much. 

We lost a tree this winter and I replaced it with a popcorn bush, hence the bare area between the windows. It just needs time to grow.

I went with a new type of fern this year and I am sorry that I have completely forgotten what it is -- if you recognize it, I would be very appreciative for a comment! I have Boston ferns on my patio but I liked the tropical feel of this one. I found this fabulous number decal: Here

It was an inexpensive, easy solution for jazzing up a simple terra cotta pot on our front porch.

Confession: I edited out all the blooms that needed to be deadheaded.

But here is a photo taken from earlier in the week when there were more blooms.

One word of advice -- don't pick black landscaping lights. They fade. Quickly.

This is our side yard --  now I am ready for the crepe myrtles over these roses to bloom. I have three red over here and one pink in my front yard. They are huge now as I am firmly against crepe murder (the practice of chopping your crepe myrtles down into a sad nub each winter for them to grow and bloom fuller). I don't believe that it works. #myrtlesoapbox

My beloved Julia Child rosebush. I planted it outside my bedroom window so I can greet it every morning and say, Hello Gorgeous. Honestly, if you are thinking about planting a rosebush but are intimidated by what that entails, this is a good bush to start with. It is more traditional than the double knockouts but still easier to cultivate than your grandmother's traditional, old-school rose bushes. 

The walkway to our patio -- these vines have gone crazy! This is only a couple of months of growth. We knew that we wanted a backyard sidewalk and it was one of the best things that we did when we built. Highly recommend -- if you are building, it is much easier and economical to do the sidewalk than add it later.

The only caveat is that part of having a smaller yard means that we don't have an expansive patio so we try to work around that as much as possible. I am thinking about a bamboo rug out here -- we have tried woven rugs but they always get so grimy between the weather exposure and the basset hound.

I am anxiously awaiting my hydrangeas to bloom yet and hope that the vinca will finally burst out like my red petunias. Right now they are pretty sad. To see more of my gardening scenes, both whoa and woe, check out Team Skelley on Instagram and look for the #katiesdailygarden hashtag.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I love all of your roses. I wish we had a space with the right amount of sun for them. I have a peony bush that's ready to bloom any day now that I'm excited about. Love seeing all your updates on Instagram!!

  2. Beautiful. You make it look easy which I know it's not.

    1. Thank you! When they bloom, it is easy ... but then the blooms fall and it is time to deadhead. I made th mistake of doing that in the middle of the day and by the end, I was hot and grumpy. :D

  3. It is beautiful! I am terrible with keeping my beds looking nice. I am hoping by the fall I can afford to have someone clean them up.


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