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I have not done a fashion post in forever. I go back and forth on monetizing the fashion finds that I link to on Team Skelley. Part of me is pretty confident that I won't start linking up randomness just to roll in the $$$ and I try to stay pretty transparent about the behind the scenes workings of the blog. But monetizing the links will add quite a bit of pressure and I like the slow roll of Team Skelley lately.

It wasn't always like this. Back in the days of five postings a week, there was a larger readership and more comments. But there was also more push to constantly be building -- more followers, more readers, more friends, more, more, more. I will be honest, I don't miss that part of being a blogger. I miss connecting with a larger readership, but writing for the newspaper uses up a lot of my creative juices and time these days.

However, I do love being a part of the blogging community, having blogging friends around the globe and the opportunity blogging gives me to capture this time of my life for later when the kids are grown. So this is a long-winded, rambling way of saying that I am happy just where I am. If you have monetized your blog, I would love for you to comment with how it is working for you.

Enough naval gazing, onto my five favorite fashion finds this week!

This dress

For Mother's Day this year, I told the fam that I would like a few new summer work clothes. We all know that Alabama is face-melting hot in the summer and a sheath and heels is the best way to combat that, while still trying to stay professional and stylish. Plus, it is marked down from $150 to $69, score! I wore this to a meeting Wednesday and it was very comfortable. Two thumbs up.

This dress, too.

It borders being too dressy but I never met a laser cut fashion I did not like. H&M can be hit or miss on quality but this is well-made, especially for the price tag. It works for weddings, church, cocktail attire ... jury is out on whether it is work-appropriate but I think I can throw a blazer on top of it. I wore it to our church choir concert last week. It is form-fitting but not too tight. Also recommend as a fun alternative to the standard LBD.


I saw these awhile back but did not want to pay the $90. I am the type if I am going to shell out cash for a full-price pair of shoes, I need a reason -- an event to wear them. A few weeks later I happened to notice that Amazon Prime had them on sale so I snatched them up. I think they will be another versatile summer work+church+special occasion shoe. They seem to have gone back up in price but I bet you can wait them out for a good deal again.

Non-hootchie girls shorts

Little Kid has outgrown almost all of her shorts from last year. She only had two pair that fit so we headed to Target to find her some more, only to find when we got there that they trade exclusively in Daisy Dukes now. I don't know what their designers are thinking -- I don't think I am overtly prudish but my seven-year-old has no business wearing shorts with one-inch seams. She kept picking out shorts she liked and I finally had to tell her that she would get sent home if she wore them to school. I was glad to see that it was not just me, Target recently received some negative press for the inappropriate clothing that they were selling in toddler sizes. Toddler! Luckily, H&M came to the rescue with these normal-length shorts for $10. I am not normally a "buy all the colors" buyer, but in this case I made an exception. Summer clothes shopping: Done.

Nike, on sale

The boy also only had a few shorts that still fit. These kids just will not stop growing. I looked around online for some Nike sales and found the best prices at Nike.com. I stick with Nike for all of our athletic clothes -- they take quite a workout so I need to be confident in the quality. And also I am a creature of habit: I always wore Nike as a kid. In fact, the very first thing that I ever purchased after starting my first "real" job at 16 was a pair of Nike sandals. They were black with a blue swoosh, how I loved those sandals.

Thanks for dropping in and Happy Weekend!

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