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Happy Friday, peeps. It is an especially good Friday over here in Team Skelley because The Engineer and I are on vacation (and possibly because I am hopped up on painkillers, but that is neither here nor there). My teeth are healing up rather nicely, so I am hoping to come out of the haze of drugs that I have been in this week and be productive again. Gardening + Tylenol with Codeine = Bad Idea Jeans.

One of the reasons that I write Team Skelley is that I enjoy recommending stuff that I like. And because I am bossy. The other reason is to be able to share humorous memes that I come across, like:

I don't know why but that just makes me laugh.

Onto Friday Faves: June Edition.

1. Bogg Bag
The kids have a bad habit of cramming wet pool items in our pool bag, and I am equally bad about forgetting they are in there. That is why I love this rubber pool bag. It is on the pricey side but it will last forever and comes in a variety of cheerful colors. I thought yellow would be fun.

2. Hydrangeas in the summer

via teamskelley on Instagram

After last year's polar vortex, my Endless Summer hydrangea was endlessly sad. But this year after a little winter pruning and TLC, it is having its best year yet. I think the secret to hydrangeas (and I am certainly no expert) is to protect them from the elements. This hydrangea is in a corner by my front door and protected by two walls and my Pink Beauty is tucked away under the treehouse in our backyard. It is a late bloomer though and not as prolific as the blue.

For more from the gardening file: Scenes from the Yard 2015.

3. The official webpage of the U.S. Army

I am the world's worst about looking back at old stories and picking them apart, even the ones which make their way onto the Army's website. Especially those. When I started writing professionally, I never foresaw having my work featured on a national platform like Army.mil. I don't think that will ever stop being awesome. Like any job, it can be stressful and frustrating and constant looming deadlines make my eye twitch, but I feel incredibly fortunate to tell the story of the men and women who protect our nation, our veterans who make this country great, and those  blazing new paths in space exploration. I consider it more than a job, it is a privilege.

4. Home Tour 2015

While I have been laid up this week, I thought it might be a good time to start work on this year's home tour on the blog. I might change my mind when I regain total use of my faculties. One of the big reasons that we do a yearly home tour here on the blog is that it forces me to complete all of those little house projects that I like to ignore -- such as magic erase the dog hair off the walls. #lifewithabasset

We have made several changed since Last Year's Home Tour with the big one being the Rec & Media Room.

With the new front door arriving next week to replace our current cracked one, it is time for a home update. I love home tours because I am nosy they are great places to find real inspiration from real, lived-in homes.

5. Last but not least -- somebody turned 35 this week!

And her name is Aunt Deena. Happy birthday to my little sis!
Happy Weekend! If you are new here, Welcome. For the last six years I have journaled life with this dude --

These short people --

And this big guy --

For more about the blog and what we are all about: Meet Katie. Thanks for dropping by!

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