Friday Fave Top Ten || Meet Me in St. Louis

Last week we loaded up the kids and headed out on a road trip to St. Louis. Why St. Louis, you ask? Well, my kids are enamored with cities. We love our little suburb on the outskirts of Huntsville, Alabama, but like to venture out to new places whenever we can and The Engineer loves a good road trip. Both he and I grew up in small towns in Tennessee, so we also like to experience the bright lights, big city occasionally. So today for Friday Favorites, I give you my Top Ten fave photos from our recent trip (with more pics to be found at Team Skelley on Instagram -- let's connect!).


We stayed at the Union Station Doubletree, which was amazing. It is a renovated train station and every night they project a film about its beginnings on the ceiling of the entrance above. Probably the prettiest lobby I have ever seen and a fascinating history. The first night we ate dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe behind the hotel because we were tired and it was convenient. Needless to say that it has not changed in the two decades since the last time I had eaten at a HRC. I try to keep the blog positive so I will just leave this review: Blargh.


Little Kid said that she thought that our hotel looked like a castle.


On the first day, we made our way to the St. Louis zoo. The hippo really liked Big Kid.


On our second day we ate breakfast at this little greasy spoon which had an interesting history (and delicious pancakes). It was the setting for the 1990 Susan Sarandon/James Spader drama, "White Palace," which was filmed exclusively in St. Louis. I am definitely adding it to my Netflix queue.


Yup, we went up in that. The kids kept asking me if I would be okay because they know that I am scared of heights. Honestly, it was no big deal because the windows are very small. It is more terrifying for me when it is open or there is a possibility that somehow I will plummet to the earth. That is what scares me.


While we were at the arch, we met a lovely lady from Colorado named Miss Gail. She and Big exchanged riddles on the ride up and down. My final verdict for the arch is that it is pretty cool but the line is long -- I am not sure it was worth the time we spent waiting but if you can get up quickly, it is an interesting visual.


After we left the arch, we made a long and hot walk to the City Museum, which is why I look kinda like a hot mess in the picture above. I don't know how to explain the City Museum. It is like a kids playground on acid. It was created by a local artist and is wildly creative with mazes and slides and tunnels and all kinds of fun activities for kids. I would say that it was more suited for older kids around Big's age as we lost Little in the five-story cave room and it was absolutely terrifying. But M. found her safe and sound. I have more City Museum pictures over at Instagram.


Our last night, the boys went to a Cardinals game while Little and I ate dinner at the American Girl Doll store -- her first visit. I know that does sound like gender stereotyping but she would have never lasted through nine innings of a baseball game. She can be tomboyish too and soccer is her jam, but she had a great time picking out glasses for her Isabelle doll. 


The Cardinals stadium was pretty awesome. The guys had a great time.


The weather was lovely, the kids were enthusiastic, no one hurled and we had plenty to do and probably could have stayed another day if we had the time. Two enthusiastic thumbs up for St. Louis as a family vacation destination. Thanks for stopping by and happy weekend!


  1. I'm from Chicago and always drove through St Louis but never stopped in to see the city or the arch (great pic by the way!) Looks like you had a great timer there. And what a fun looking castle hotel!

    Happy Friday!

    1. I love Chicago, it is such a great city. I have not visited in almost 6 years but I hope to take the kids there soon. Thank you for stopping by!

  2. I am glad you had so much fun.

  3. Looks like you had a great time! My new client is based in St Louis, and I'm hoping to go there next month, so hopefully I'll get to see some of these things. We also might have to add this to our list of future trips as well. We were just talking about how we never seem to go West of Ohio when we travel for personal. We must change that! I'll keep your list in mind for when we do :)

  4. Replies
    1. I think it will be something that Miss M. will like when she is older -- especially the zoo!


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