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I went back and forth about doing the home tour this year. In fact, I had pretty much scrapped it until our trip to St. Louis. After six years of blogging, I was probably a little burned out. This blog has been many things over its lifespan. It has focused on yoga, home decor, DIY, fashion ... it has been a mommy blog, a music blog ... I have reviewed products, places, talked about parenting problems and devoted many a post to the joys of living with a basset hound.

These days it seems like blogging is on a downslide. I don't know whether that is because traditional blogging itself is on a downturn as microblogging becomes more popular, or if it is because Team Skelley is past its prime. I told my husband while we drove that as my focus is increasingly on my work for the newspaper, I see the blog becoming more of a scrapbook--memories for the kids to read when they are older, and maybe even my grandchildren to click through one day. He said: still do it. Still write the home tour from the POV that I am journaling our home as it is today. I had never thought of it that way. So here it is -- our home in 2015.


Living Room & Kitchen

We have really enjoyed our open concept living room -- it works well with entertaining and being able to cook dinner while interacting with the fam.

Our Ikea Map has been an awesome addition to our kitchen -- the kids' and their guests love looking at it and playing geography games. This is also where Fletcher sits in hopes of a spare morsel falling his way.

Master Suite 

I have never been able to take a decent picture of my closet because of the zero natural light, so this was the best I could get. Warning: It does have boob lights. One of these days I plan to switch those out.

Laundry Room


The two-story foyer was a big selling point. Ever since I was a girl, I had always envisioned living in a home with a two-story foyer.


Since I primarily work from home, this is where you can usually find me many mornings, with my assistant asleep on his bed beside the desk. More on my home office.

Powder Bath

One of the only drawbacks to this house is that we don't have a designated guest suite. We have a guest nook in The Engineer's office, which works well but I usually have to steer guests toward's Little's bathroom. We try not to enter Big's bathroom unless absolutely necessary. I might have added a little touch here and there but this is all Engineer, as you can see by the University of Tennessee theme (Go Vols!).

The Girl's Suite

The Boy's Suite: Bedroom update coming soon

His room has more or less looked like this since the summer after kindergarten but I am thinking that it will be time to update when he heads to middle school next year.

Rec Room

This has quickly become the gathering spot in the house for friends and family. We plan to switch out the movie posters over the year -- I wanted to add "Fletch," which is one of my favorite movies and the basset's namesake, but I could not find it at Allposters.com. This was our big project this year, to read more: Turning a playroom into a rec room.

Outdoor Home Tour

So that is the Team Skelley abode, circa 2015. It isn't perfect, but it is perfect for us. Thank you for dropping by!

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  1. I love your kitchen, Rec room posters and so much more!

    1. Thank you! They were so affordable -- less than $10 per poster, which was great because decorating the gigantic blank wall was daunting!

  2. Beautiful! I'm glad you posted the tour - so many great ideas :). Your office is my fave!

    1. Thanks, neighbor! After home sitting for you -- that is high praise indeed! I love your pops of green and i am swiping your chalkboard door idea!

  3. I love how your house has evolved through the years. And I love it.

  4. I vote for a home tour every year (are you accepting ballots? )! It's fun to see your decor style evolve as Big & Little grow. I am so overdue from some redecorating, but proud that my "Declutter / Deown 2015 Project" is coming to an end with only 3 major items left to sell and $1850 in sales profit since mid February! I'm enjoying this new and long overdue minimalist lifestyle! Everything in you home looks great - is the powder bath the same?

    1. Wow! Less clutter and more fun money, I consider that a Win Win! :D

    2. Yeap & thanks! I meant *your* home -- typing on a small cell phone keyboard. Ugh. I agree that it's a true "win-win" and I now have zero desire to buy anything because of the time & effort I've put into this decluttering/deowning. I want to keep our home clutter free. I'm putting the $$ toward an extra mortgage payment! :-)

    3. I get that way too when I am tempted to knick knack splurge. :) We are lucky that the kids have moved into a less-stuff stage, of course everything now is electronic. Have a great weekend, it is already face melting hot out there this weekend!

  5. You have such a beautiful home!! I love your office space!! Stopping by from the link-up!!

    1. Thank you! I appreciate your kind comment! :D

  6. I'm glad you decided to blog your Home Tour... you have a beautiful home!


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