What's Up Wednesday

This week, I am going to try out something new with Thoughts on Thursday and combine them with my girl Mel's monthly What's Up Wednesday. Muti-tasking is the theme of the day because this week? BANANAS. What happened to the lazy days of summer?

What we are eating: Tuxedo cake from Costco for The Engineer's birthday. Yes I know, but it is what he wanted and let me tell you -- it might be the best birthday cake I have ever eaten in my life. With Father's Day falling on his birthday, we had a super-sized celebration this past weekend. Even the hound dog joined in on the revelry.

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What I'm loving: My new Bogg pool bag. Best. Pool. Bag. Ever.

What we've been up to: Camp. Camp out the wazoo. Just keeping everyone's camps straight has been a challenge this week. During the day Big Kid is at Police Camp, which is sponsored by the police department and open to all rising sixth graders. He absolutely loves it. He came home yesterday and asked, "Mom, do you know what snipers do if they have to pee?" I had no clue. He said, "They pee in their pants!" You know I had never thought about what happens when a sniper has to go to the bathroom. That is unfortunate.

After we drop Big off every morning (and I have to say that I love a summer camp with a carline, it makes life so much easier) we head to Little's camp which is the main camp they attend all summer while The Engineer and I are at work. Then we do it all again in the afternoon, race home, get some dinner and then Little goes to an evening soccer camp, which you would think would be cooler, but not in Alabama. Yesterday was over 100 degrees. Sigh. So about 8pm, we roll home with sweat pouring off of us. But I have some interesting news about soccer camp. Monday night after camp, the coach -- who is the head girls soccer coach for the local high school that the kids will attend -- came up and absolutely raved about Little's playing. And of course I stood there like Cletus the Slack-jawed Yokel because we had no idea. He was very complimentary and effusive and wants to recruit her for the local soccer club. So it looks like Little will be playing club ball in the fall! One of the high school soccer girls has taken her under her wing and it is sweet to watch them together.

What I'm reminiscing about: A time when my teeth did not hurt. It has been three weeks since my dental work (receiving the triple crown has a much different connotation for me than it does for American Pharaoh) but I am still popping Tylenol like breath mints. I have been back to the dentist and they removed a truly alarming amount of cement from my gums, but even a week after that they still hurt. I think I am going to have to seek a second opinion.

What I'm dreading: I don't want to say dreading because my Work Boo reads here and she is eleven billion months pregnant and I just want to reassure her that we have it all under control, but I am anxious about taking over her role at the newspaper while she is on maternity leave. Primarily: tracking and staying on top of the massive amount of information that comes in each week and making sure that nothing is forgotten. The level of organization that requires is daunting.

What I'm working on: It is Armed Forces Celebration Week in Huntsville!

Which means that I am headed to the annual community luncheon momentarily. I attended the proclamation signing kicking off the week Monday morning at the downtown Veterans Memorial and my face about melted off. It should not be 90 degrees at 9am, that's just wrong.

What I'm excited about: Next week, we will be taking care of our neighbor's pets, which means lots of Rocky and Fletcher playdates. Here they are in a much cooler setting --

Rocky is the sweetest basset hound ever. The Engineer keeps asking if we can trade him for Fletch. He and Fletch had a falling out last week after he snatched M's sandwich off the counter. He's surprisingly quick and agile for such an enormously fat dog.

What I'm reading: While in St. Louis a couple of weeks ago, I read the Knitting in the City series and really enjoyed it. It is fluff and a little unrealistic, but very entertaining and well-written, with a healthy dose of angst which is my jam. No one writes UST like Penny Reid. My absolute favorite in the series was Friends Without Benefits.


What I'm listening to: Nothing earth-shattering. I am still on my Springsteen kick at the gym, which I know is an odd choice but the Boss is good butt-kicking music.

What I'm wearing: As little as possible. Wait a minute. Let me rephrase, I am trying to dress light because of the temps so that means lots of shift dresses to work and thin tees and shorts. Maybe a maxi dress to church. Absolutely no jeans, way too hot.

What I'm doing this weekend: Nothing ground-breaking -- the Engineer and I hope to hit his favorite BBQ joint as a belated birthday/Father's Day celebration. After the craziness of the week, we need to pause and take a deep breath.

What I'm looking forward to next month: Movies! The summer movie season is my favorite time to hit the cinema and enjoy the cool air and a green apple icey. I am hoping to see the new Terminator, the updated Vacation movie with Ed Helms (huge fan of the original) and the next Mission Impossible, because I might be the only person left in the world who still likes Tom Cruise.

What else is new: So we have a new front door.

We finally replaced our wooden door which cracked four years ago. We had tried to repair and stain it many times, but the crack was only growing larger. I love our new door. It is different, but I like different so that is okay.

I hope that wasn't too tl;dr -- I tried not to get too wordy with the weekly report. Thanks for stopping in!


  1. Love the new door! And those hydrangeas!! I wish mine would grow, but I don't think I have them in a good spot in my garden. I'll have to look into that book series. It looks like a good one when you want a fun quick read. Always looking for a good book!

  2. Wow! "Ya'll" (fellow TN Gal here so you know how we roll) are super busy! Life as a career mom is no joke - I wish I had a warning before selecting a career without an easy on/off ramp! You are halfway through the summer so hanv in there and enjoy the holiday weekend. I hope your teeth feel better soon! Happy belated bday to M!

    1. You aren't kidding! Happy Fourth, Friend! I hope that it is a safe and happy one -- and not too rainy!


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