Friday Faves

Good morning, peeps! Sometimes I feel like I am repeating myself with the blog --- work is cray, kids are cray, life is cray. But I think we are all experiencing that. So onto the favorites of the first week of July, 2015:

1. This experience

What an honor to meet one of only 79 living Medal of Honor recipients last weekend. Mr. Adkins was an absolute pleasure.

2. Kid-free staycation

The kids are at Grammapalooza, which is their annual summer time with their Gramma and Grandpa Dale. What are we doing while they are gone? Lying around like manatees. Actually it is a much-needed rest after a stressful week. But we will venture out this evening -- for taking care of their pets last week, our dear friends and neighbors the Bs gifted us with a gift card to local Brazilian steakhouse (Secret: we would have done it for free, we are a little in love with their basset Rocky). I thought The Engineer was going to pass out with glee. Meat coma, here we come!

3. Spending time with family on the lake

We have a lot of family birthdays in May and June -- plus Father's Day. So we all gathered at our favorite lakefront restaurant last weekend and celebrated with Grandpa and Grammy Karen. It is always good to be home in the Great State of Tennessee. We had the best time, except for the bug attack at the end.

4. Little Kid's favorite for the week: this backpack for BTS

She saw this and had a conniption. I would have been happier with a coupon code but it was doable. Can you believe that it is time to start thinking about back to school? I know a lot of school systems around the country do not go back until after Labor Day but we have less than a month now until the new school year.

5.  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I just can't quit you Nordy's. I have loved these for awhile and their being on sale might finally get me to hit to Buy button.

That was sorta random, but fitting. Try to stay cool out there this weekend -- it is going to be a hot one!


  1. Enjoy the week! And never pay full price at Justice! There's always a coupon code! Trust me!

  2. Love the stud earrings! I have just posted my wish list of the sale over on my blog! I would love for you to stop by. ~ Seri from www.Serisblog.com

  3. those earrings are so cute.


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