Thoughts on Thursday || Holiday Edition

Watching: The new Terminator today. Reviews are abysmal, but I hope that it is at least worth a weekday matinee.

Traveling: to the kids' summer camp yesterday for Parents Day. They had a big week with the highlights being horseback riding and zip lining. I did a pitiful job getting photos, this was the only one I snapped:

But the camp has a photo page so that saved me:

I just ended up throwing away his shoes at the end of the camp session. They were beyond hope.

Writing: Three special editions of the paper in July. Yes, three. What we were thinking???


Highly recommend.

Planning: When work goes bananas, I daydream about upcoming trips. Serenity now.

Keeping: This little dude, for our neighbors. I don't want to give him up!

Fletch on the other hand is a wee bit jealous that Rocky can jump up on the furniture. And this is a testament to how sweet he is -- The Engineer, long staunchly anti-pets on the furniture, lets him.

Happy Fourth of July weekend! Alas, I will be working. When you work for an Army newspaper, patriotic holidays are kind of our jam. Have a safe and fun weekend!

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