Thoughts on Thursday

Reading: I am on a Brenda Rothert kick right now -- angsty fluff with a helping dose of naughty, sexy times. I am finding her books to be the perfect "It is a billion degrees outside and am I feeling too sloth-like to work out" reading. I am liking some more than others and the sex scenes are repetitive at times, but her writing is solid.

Writing: A lot. And probably this weekend. We have five deadlines coming up this week, which means I am in a constant state of thinking about work. I am even dreaming about work. I need to chillax.

Doing: It is VBS week! The Engineer and I have helped out as needed -- we manned the registration table the first night and filled in when asked. These two girls have been thick as thieves this week.

Listening: I am listening to a lot of James Taylor. You never can go wrong with JT in the summer.

Watching: The girl at her first club soccer practice tonight. I was hoping to have photos but between the mad dash to get her brother to his doctor's appt. this afternoon -- nothing serious, he's having ingrown toenail surgery -- her to soccer and him to VBS tonight, we forgot the camera at home. Doh.

Happy Thursday! Joining up with:

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