Thoughts on Thursday

Wearing: Incognito in Sausolito, my new favorite nail polish.

I will spare you an actual picture of my feet. I like it because midnight blue is a good all-year color.

Writing: about back to school. Our special BTS issue deadline is tomorrow. Can you believe that school starts back in a week and a half? I have a special BTS post planned for tomorrow.

Listening: This song never fails to make me happy.

The Doobie Bros. are my guilty pleasure.

Practicing: yoga again and loving it. My good friend Chris's yoga class is the only time that I am not thinking about work lately. I even dream about work. Work and snakes in my bed. We have had three special editions of the newspaper due this week -- with our editor on vacation and our special section editor on maternity leave, I probably would have tossed myself off the roof of the Army Garrison if it had not been for our designer.


I have been anxiously awaiting "Truth or Beard" yet after starting it yesterday, I found myself skimming though the last 40% of the book. I was disappointed. I might have built it up in my mind too much because I loved the "Knitting in the City" series that it spun off from. But I found the male character to be flat and the story to drag. There were good parts, though, and I absolutely love the cover. Who I want to read about next is Cletus. I found him to be intriguing.

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