Back to School 2015

Second and Sixth, here we come!

Miss Girl was self-conscious about losing both top front teeth in the last couple weeks, so it was hard to get a grin out of her.

The boy is starting his last year in elementary and looking forward to being the top of the food chain.

Little was disappointed that none of her friends are in her class, but her teacher is her substitute teacher from last year when her first grade teacher went on maternity leave and she loved her -- so I think it is going to be a great year.

Big and his buddy M. who lives behind us were once again put in the same class, that makes every year that they have been in school together. His mom and I just scratch our heads, you would think that by now they would be wise to those two's shenanigans.

photo by Leslie Conway

This is the last year these boys will be together. Big has already said that it will be strange next year when half of them are in middle school and the other half are finishing elementary.

So I know one member of the household who was excited that morning walks were starting back home. He got to see all his four-legged friends, pooped in the neighbor's yard...

... and promptly collapsed.

Happy Back to School!


  1. The classic basset collapse!

  2. Yeah! Back to school is always fun! I used to love selecting my school supplies and getting my outfit laid out for the first day. I guess I've always been a bit of a geek at heart! I hope that Big and Little Kid have an excellent school year!

    1. Thank you, Friend! I hope Miss M. has a super year too!

  3. I hope they both have a great year. Poor Fletcher walking to school is such hard work.


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