Best Buddies

Longtime readers of the blog know that Big Kid's best friend used to live next door. For all of first and most of second grade Big and Lil N were inseparable. They were the best neighbors and we all became good friends. Sadly, Lil N's dad was offered a job in Texas and the family moved to Dallas at the end of 2011. It was really difficult for Big. (For me too.)

Every year we have tried to still see "the four boys" as we always called them -- in 2012, we made the trip out to Dallas, in 2013, we all connected in Atlanta. But then in 2014, we were unable to meet up.
Which is why when they called and said that they would be in Orange Beach Thursday, we were all in. Orange Beach is about a 5.5 hour drive from Huntsville and luckily, it was a rare quiet week at the newspaper. Little Kid was at her Nana's and the Engineer had work obligations so it was just Big and I on another of our trips:

But wait, what is that on his arm? That would be an exo-splint. Monday, his summer camp called and left a message that he had fallen while playing tag. He was running up stairs to tag another kid and fell, landing on his wrist. I picked him up early and after some medicine, we decided that it was just a strain. We were wrong.

The next morning, he woke up saying that his wrist really hurt. I made an appt. with his doctor and he thought that Big had broken the top part of his wrist. The X-rays confirmed it and on Wednesday he was fitted with his cast which thankfully is a water cast. No sports, no PE, but the beach trip was still a go. It is actually a pretty cool invention -- it is molded with heat to individually fit his arm. He can get it wet but afterwards I have to dry it with a hairdryer for around 30 minutes. Writing is still difficult so hopefully he will only have it for three weeks.

We arrived in Orange Beach Thursday afternoon and met up with our friends on the beach. Our whirlwind trip in pictures:

Just like old times.

That night we went to eat at this gigantic entertainment venue/restaurant aptly named The Hangout:

One piece of advice -- if you are planning a beach trip on the last week before school starts, be prepared for crowds. We waited for two hours for our table ... with five hungry boys. One wall of the restaurant was covered with lunch boxes and I found mine from when I was a child. I have not seen that Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox in thirty years.

We did not get out of there until 11pm so we slept in the next morning before meeting our friends for some more beach time.

We are so blessed to have such lovely people in our lives. It is my hope that we always remain good friends and that these boys are lifelong chums.

After we arrived home we picked up the girl in Mississippi from her fun-filled week at Camp Nana (with an Aunt Dana field trip to Memphis to meet Henry, her new kitten). The kids were very lucky that they were able to spend some time this summer with all of their grandparents. Everyone is now home and we have begun the back to school prep.

And the Skelley Summer 2015 officially draws to a close. 


  1. The four boys had fun and can't wait to see you next summer:-)

  2. Seeing that Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox gave me chills! Although I didn't own one, many of my friends had it (I coveted it deeply). And yes, at least 30 years!

    1. Me too! I completely had a spaz attack in the restaurant. :)

  3. I am glad y'all were able to make it. I know where my Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox is, the parents garage.

  4. That's so wonderful that your families were able to meet up. I hope the boys remain life-long friends.

  5. I second Brandi! I hope the boys are friends for life. Childhood friendships are so precious and unique! I'm glad you all can get together at least once a year!

    1. I hope so too -- I would love for them to be college roomies! :D


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