Five Friday Faves

Aka the blog post where Katie talks about stuff she likes right now.

1. The return of Wet Hot American Summer

I know what I am watching this weekend. This interview with the creators cracked me up.

Are they pants? Are they shorts? Who knows. All I know is that they are awesome. I have the black above but the energy stripe are on sale! Yeah, for some reason it will only let me copy the rear view but you get the idea.

I fell down the rabbit hole reading his hilarious responses. This is solid gold sarcasm.

4. Christopher Cross on Jimmy Fallon

Sailing! Later in the month, the Doobie Bros. will also appear as part of Jimmy's mix tape series. I can hardly wait.

5. Stella & Dot on eBay

I am not sure that I should admit this, but I love to find Stella & Dot deals on eBay. I love S&D's style and quality but the prices are a little steep. I do recommend making sure that the tags are still attached on the piece to ensure that you are not being scammed.

Happy Weekend!

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