Funny Fletcher Friday

This guy has spent more time in the doghouse lately than out of it.

He started the month by stealing a quiche off the table when I ran upstairs for a moment to help Big Kid with a password. After that we were wise to him (or so we thought) and started putting our food on the bar because we did not think he could ever reach that height.

We were wrong.

Somehow he used a barstool to launch himself at a pizza while I was pulling weeds in the backyard. I was trying to get the weeds pulled before it was dark and then I was going to come in and pack up the pizza. Lesson learned again.

Saturday night we came home to find that the kids had left the pantry door open and he had eaten a box of Cheerios and half a bag of Pirate's Booty. I think the only reason he did not finish the bag is that we came home and interrupted his snacking free-for-all.

But what has me concerned is that one morning this week, Little Kid was fixing a turkey sandwich for her lunchbox and he reached up and snatched it out of her hands -- and then angry woofed at her when she tried to grab it back. Now that is not cool.

We don't know what kind of beginning he had in life. There is no information on his first three years, as he was picked up along by the basset rescue with his brother Billy Ray from a shelter that was shutting down in Tennessee. We don't know if he was starved or if he just has a dominant personality. If you try to take the food that he stole away from him, he gets his back up and growls. But the strange thing is that his food aggression is only linked to people food. I can sit and pet him while he eats his dog food dinner, or fill up his water bowl and he does not bat an eye. He hates to be yelled at though, he gets upset when you yell at him and angry woofs back at you. With his deep voice, it is intimidating.

We are headed to the vet this afternoon to talk about what we can do to nip this in the bud. We already have started feeding him after the humans eat and hand feeding him snacks -- recommended by the Dog Whisperer. Puppy prayers please.

To end this week's blogging with little bit of levity -- The Engineer's co-worker sent this to him:

I love the projected cost. Happy Weekend!


  1. How old is the Fletcher man? A lot of this could be age related as well. You're right to take the incident with Little Kid seriously, and talking to your vet is a good start. Have you done obedience training with him? If not, I'd look into it (NOT Petsmart) and look for a program that will allow multiple handlers to work with him. That way your kids can also handle him in classes and that should help him understand that they are not littermates, they are masters. Every time my dogs start acting like complete jerks, we go back to a nothing-in-life-is-free concept. Want a treat? You have to sit or down or stay or shake or whatever. Want dinner? Same deal. Want to come in the house? You can sit and wait while I walk through the door and then you can come. Want to go out? Same deal. Want to play? You bet! But first you have to practice heeling for a few minutes. My personal opinion of Cesar Milan is to be very wary of much of what he does on his shows, but that's a personal opinion. Don't worry ... Fletcher will figure it out!

  2. I had a basset hound growing up that was that way. Sweet dog other than that. One thing we are "trying" with our dogs who are filthy beggars all the time is give them their special treats in their bowls after we eat. So they hopefully know that food in the bowls is the only food for them. Still trying to work that out but I'd love to hear what your vet recommends.

  3. He has some skills if he can get the pizza off the bar.


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