Powder Bath Small Space Ideas

I am very excited to get back in the groove of my new and improved Pinterest Pick of the Week series. But instead of a single or handful of pins, I am featuring a whole board of ideas each Monday.

Last week: Workplace Style

This week: Powder Baths

I am not really putting in solid gold TP, I just thought that was hilarious.

With the return of my Work Boo from maternity leave, the newspaper will hopefully calm down a bit and I can tackle all of those house projects that I have ignored all summer. The first thing on my list is that everything needs a good scrub. With two kids and one basset hound, our doors, walls and sectional can get filthy in a New York minute.

After that is done, the Powder Bath is getting a fresh coat of paint and a new look. It has been six years so it is time. As always, I took to Pinterest for inspiration. It is a cool, little oblong room that sits under our staircase and I am excited about the possibilities. I will keep you updated on the progress and feel free to follow on Pinterest -- the more the merrier!

Happy Monday!

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